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Oct 12, 2008 09:37 PM

Any grocery stores/seafood shops selling sushi grade fish near Rockville/Bethesda?

I've been making sushi at home with fish from H Mart in Wheaton. Tuna has been poor quality lately, so we only make salmon sushi now. Does anyone know of other grocery stores or seafood shops that sell sushi grade fish? I'm willing to drive up to 30 minutes from the Rockville/Bethesda area. Thanks!

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  1. River Falls Market, at the corner of River and Falls in Potomac, has amazing sushi-grade fish.

    You will pay out the wazoo for it, but the stuff is incredible.

    1. The fish market in the front of Black Salt on MacArthur should serve you well.

      1. Hinata Japanese market in Bethesda.

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          I think the new Harris Teeter in Rockville sells sushi grade tuna

          1. re: Meechi

            I will second the HT rec. HT sells what they label as "sashimi grade" tuna and it is the dense, dark, purply-red that you would expect and very tasty as well. Won't break the bank.

            1. re: CDouglas

              Daruma on Arlington Road in Bethesda has it as well.