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Hard boiled eggs

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Having watched COOL HAND LUKE this evening and Boy, was he robbed of the Osocar . Other than egg salad and deviled eggs what else can we do with the versatile egg in its hard boiled form.

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    1. Creamed eggs over toast - basic white sauce with a pinch of dry mustard and onion powder added - skip any nutmeg - slice eggs and stir into white sauce - serve over buttered toast.

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        Or if you want to get all 1960s fancy, reserve the yolks, spoon the creamed egg whites over toast, then crumble the yolks on top for some color contrast. My mom called it "eggs a la goldenrod."

      2. Halved hard boiled eggs are delicious in crawfish etouffee or gumbo. Float 'em in during the last 10 minutes or so of cooking; the whites will absorb the flavor.

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          I've seen them in turtle soup. I assume it absorbs the flavor of the soup as you said Celeste.

          1. Also delicious in ham, tuna, shrimp or chicken salad.

            1. I like them in spinach salads & green salads.
              Cobb Salad, Asparagus salad, etc, etc.

              I do not hard boil them, but medium/hard cook them. I like them still a little pliable.

              1. Smoked Salmon served with warm blini pancakes, caviar, chopped onions, cucumber chopped with dill, chopped hard boiled eggs, melted butter and sour cream with horseradish.

                1. Leave us not forget the immortal Eggs Remoulade that Anna Mae Maylie made. The recipe is out there floating around...I cut down the relish that she put in but you can do it with any remoulade to your taste.

                  1. they can be in the center of a meatloaf, or chopped up on top of any grain salad, like bulgur or barley, to add protein.

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                      Along these lines, my grandpa used to smush a thin layer of meatball/meatloaf around them and fry them. There's a name for this - Scottish eggs? Although he was Russian...

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                        scotch eggs have ground sausage as a "wrapper".

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                          I guess it is some sort of interpretation then. Most russian sausages I know of are dry cured rather than fresh/raw, so it would be tricky to use it as a "wrapper."

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                        I've had them baked into a British meat pie.

                      3. My favorite salad right now is steamed and chilled greens beans or hericot vert on a bed of baby greens topped with quarted hard boiled eggs and drizzled with truffle oil. Oh and a good amt of white pepper and sea salt.

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                          btw this is the cold version of an equally good warm one - steamed green beans on lettuce with a poached egg on top.

                        2. Hot boiled eggs chopped up in a small bowl, add butter, salt & pepper and a little Tabasco. (Good for toddlers, but skip the hot sauce!). My grandmother called it "Egg Mush" Also a hot boiled egg sandwich, a sliced egg on buttered toast, hold carefully!

                          1. One of my favorite comfort foods is an Indian soup/stew with hard boiled eggs as the primary ingredient. It's great over rice. Here's a couple recipes for it:


                            The 2nd one is almost exactly the same as the one my mother makes. Mm, I think I'm going to boil a few eggs tomorrow just for this...

                            1. chopped up hard boiled eggs mixed with chopped green olives stuffed with pimentos and mixed with mayo.

                              put on top of toasted rye bread and eat, tasty stuff

                              1. Deep-fry them until golden brown, slice and then top with a curry sauce.