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Oct 12, 2008 09:12 PM

bad food at Billy's deli in Glendale

I hate posting a negative review, but geez...I just had a truly awful meal from Billy's deli in Glendale. I had never been there before, and it looked so retro and cool, I thought I'd try it. But yikes, that was bad. I was their "daily special", a meal of turkey and dressing. If it was a restaurant, I would have sent it our, but I got it for takeout. Way over salty, way overcooked, and every single part of the meal--soup, vegetables, turkey, dressing, and gravy--was bad. Really bad. Even the black & white cookie was bad. What a shame--I was excited about patronizing a local Glendale restaurant that was not in the Americana. Oh well.

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  1. Surprised to hear of your disappointment. Billy's is like a Glendale institution.
    I usually get the pastrami sandwich or deli omelette and never any disappointments.
    Some of their baked goods are from outside can a black and white cookie be bad?

    1. I've been an adoring patron for several decades. But Billy's forte is deli fare ... not mom and pop dinners.

      Order the sandwiches, the bagels and lox, the breakfast.

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        Ditto Silverlake Girl: Billy's usually is pretty reliable for deli fare, with particularly very good corned beef and pastrami sandwiches. I've been going since the early 90's.

        My one (large) quibble is that Billy's doesn't carry ANY kosher hard salami - a travesty for a kosher style deli. They do have Italian hard salami - which for is sorta "what's the point?".

        As for the cookie - it is the weekend (although I'm not sure how much of an excuse this should be).