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Oct 12, 2008 09:08 PM

Best Chirashi

Hi All,

I'm looking for the best chirashi in either Brooklyn or Manhattan.

"Best" can mean many things: best value, best rice, highest quality fish, broadest variety of fish, most atypical varieties of fish, most filling portion, etc.

Please let me know what places have the best chirashi experience and which of these qualities you believe your recommended chirashi has.

And a slight side-step, any other amazing sushi entrees (not things like "sushi deluxe" or "three roll combination") would be appreciated as well. Like oshi-sushi or a sashimi salad or some other amazing dish involving sushi.

Let me know! Thanks!

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  1. I've ordered at ushiwakamaru and gotten something quite nice; maybe 5 or 6 varieties of fish, taken direct from the same fish as for nigiri or sashimi (not necessarily the "end" pieces) and cubed into 1/2" cubes and served over a very well seasoned rice. the selection would include eel, ebi, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, a few others. actually is quite good with a decent price around or less than $20. makes a great base for ordering a la carte from the rest of the menu. I may have even posted a similar question before and gotten no responses, which is probably why I'm the first person responding to your post!

    and, my favorite dish (probably like it better than chirashi) is hwe-dup-bop, which is sashimi pieces (these are probably the end pieces but, still yummy) served over greens, served over rice, which is then served with gochu pepper sauce, and all mixed together. a korean raw fish salad, and I've had good ones at Kang-Suh and the old Dae Dong. Not sure where is good for it now. my similar post: