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Oct 12, 2008 08:51 PM

socal hound with 5 days in fresno. best of list please!

i'm open to everything from holes-in-the-walls to pricey, as long as the food is awesome. thanks in advance for your help...

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  1. Put Royal Thai Orchid and Cracked Pepper Bistro on your list!

    1. -Hunan; order off of the Chinese Menu (you will need to request it from the hostess)
      -Don Pepe Taqueria

      1. Imperial Garden - dim sum & Chinese food
        Bistro Rustico
        The Chef's Table
        Patio Cafe - egg's benedict
        Farmer's Market - great local produce / coffee / atmosphere
        Smoke Bros. Southern BBQ - cajun style catfish
        Sushi Day
        Basque Hotel - downtown Fresno
        Sam's Deli

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        1. + Trelio in Clovis, on Clovis Ave. and 5th St. in Old Town. My absolute fave; sterling service, outstanding food, wonderful wine selection. Casual elegance.

          + Taco Grande on 7357 N Blackstone Ave near Riverpark area (just north of Herndon Ave), and another on 151 W Bullard Ave # 101, Clovis. The best breakfast burritos! (My fave is the chile Colorado w/ potatoes, and the chorizo is also great.)

          + Sam's Deli, 2415 N First St., Fresno, (559) 229-9346. Italian deli w/ wonderful sandwiches and fresh Italian meats, cheeses, bread, nice wine selection.

          1. thanks all! really appreciate the help. at least i know we'll be having a blast. (ordering off the chinese menu - hahaha - what luck. i am chinese, and i can read it straight off!) btw - any good dimsum out there?

            already looked up some of the websites where available, and bookmarked. time to pack my bags.

            keep 'em coming.

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              You lucky guy! I was there last month and I'm still talking about it. The CH's there are so great and direct you to all the right places. The Vineyard Farmer's Market is exceptional, do try the almond croissants from the bakery with a great cup of coffee.
              The most memorable experience I had there was the eggplant napoleon appetizer at the Cracked Pepper Bistro. Please don't miss this and please do write and let us know what you think of it.

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                Consensus is Imperial Graden for dim sum - best time is Sat (?) Sun morning when they open.

                1. re: tavmark

                  Yes, both Sat and Sun. and it is delish!!

                2. re: jacknhedy

                  Lol, well the menu is actually in English. According to the waitress when I was there last time, Asian people usually get both menus when they are seated but everyone else needs to request the "Chinese menu." When I asked her why, she said that everyone else would order the specialty dishes and then complain about them being too hot or having tripe, jellyfish, etc...