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Oct 12, 2008 07:53 PM

Finer-Dining in Kingsport [TN]

We will be in Kingsport, TN in early ‘09. It’s been four decades, since I was last there, so it’s like never having been.

We’ll be there for three nights, and one will be an event, the other nights will be on us. Normally, we do fine-dining almost exclusively wherever we travel. I’m not holding out hopes for this in Kingsport, but great food and a nice wine list would certainly do. Price is no object and we will have a car. If the wine list is really good, I’d rather walk in the downtown area, or maybe cab it, rather than drive. We'll be staying near the downtown.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. So far, about the only rec. I have seen for the Kingsport Area has been 12 Bones. While we love BBQ (from most regions South, Midwest and West), I think of that fare more for lunch.



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  1. I have been reading great reviews about Town House in Chilhowie, Va. for the last year or so. I have not been able to try it, but it sounds like something you would enjoy. I see you'd rather not drive, but the reviews have made this sound very worthwhile. It's only 50 miles from Kingport!


    Enjoy your trip!

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      Thank you. I will log that away for the next trip. Unfortunately, 100 RT would be a bit of a reach this time. Still, worth my making a notation. I'll check it out.


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          Thank you for the link. Should we find ourselves in the area with a few days to spend in that wonderful part of the world, we will definitely strike out and use many of these recs.



      1. Unfortunately there are no true fine dining opportunities in Kingsport at the current time. The best of what is available at this time:
        http://www.giuseppesrestaurant.biz/in... - Italian
        http://www.riverfrontseafood.com/inde... - Seafood
        http://www.thechophouse.com/chop_menu... - Regional steakhouse

        There are several other options within 20-30 minute drive which would be better.
        http://www.gourmetandcompany.com/ - in Johnson City
        http://troutdalebistro.com/ - Casual gourmet in Bristol (I ate there Friday night and the food was fantastic - food prep was very slow
        )http://thetroutdale.com/ - the only true gourment tri-cities dining

        There are others but I think these represent the best. Regarding the Town House Grill - I know it was extremely good and a great value however I have heard the chef moved to the Starving Artist Grill in Bristol. I have not been back since then.

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          Yes the Town House changed chefs earlier this year, but the food has drastically improved under the new chefs... from my experience, it is definitely worth the trip from the tri-cities area. It is unfortunate that the fine dining options are so limited in this area in general though, especially given the vast selection of chain restaurants out there.

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            Thank you for the links. We may be forced to dine in the hotel and whatever is near-by on this trip. I just did not want to do so, if there was a real "gem" near the downtown area. It could well be that we'll be back for several more trips. I am now collecting the recs. for near-by spots.

            I WAS hoping to get back down to Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN, but there is just no time now. That, to me, is what fine-dining is about in the US. I hate being so close, yet so very far away. Hey, there's always next time.

            I appreciate the links and the all of the info. I was doing poorly in MY searches, and assumed that it was just bad boolean practices on my part.

            Hunt, cataloging all of the links now...

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              Recommended by friends who used to live in Kingsport within the past five years is a restaurant just north of Kingsport, up in Virginia that's excellent (their assessment) and has a European chef, family owned, reservations required.
              If you ask up in Kingsport, you might come up with a name and phone number.
              I know this isn't much of a lead, but my friends really loved this place.

              1. re: shallots

                I will inquire of the locals. I am sure they will know it. I hate to think that we'll be doing a buffet at the Holiday Inn, but we will survive.

                Thanks for the recs.


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                  It's been a couple of years since I've lived in Kingsport, but Troutdale has always been excellent - well worth the short drive. I hear from family that it has improved by leaps and bounds - according to the website it is a 5 star restaurant?

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                    Thanks for the rec.. I am having a problem, however. Looking for "Troutdale," I'm only showing up the town in Virginia. Even their Web site lists "No Dining In Troutdale." Obviously, I am missing something here. There aren't any hits for Troutdale and Kingsport.

                    Is this a restaurant near Kingsport, or a restaurant in the town of Troutdale, VA?

                    I'd drive for a 5-star restaurant, but need some help.



                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      Well, it wouldn't be a tragedy to go to both places. The drive to Troutdale, VA is very beautiful and there's a lot of great hiking around there.

                      That said, the restaurant is in Bristol, TN. Bristol exists in a strange limbo between VA and TN.


                      The website has directions, menus, etc

                      Good luck!

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                        Thanks for the clarification. I'm off to view their site.



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