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Oct 12, 2008 07:52 PM

Terroni - Mediocre food and BAD Sevice


A few people had recommended Terroni's on Queen West ...but for us it was a waste of money. We are food aficiado's and since the birth of our son 10 month ago, we have not eaten out as much as we used to. This thanksgiving, we ventured out for dinner with our young son to Terroni's and it was such a disapointment

The waitress was AWEFUL! We were not served bread like most Italian places offer...we had to ask for it and the waitress acted like she was doing us a favor giving us the bread. We asked for a bit of fruit or veges for our son to chew on and she said they did not have anything she could offer..???? The tuna, which was the special of the day tasted burnt and not worth $25. My husband ordered a pizza and it was ok...nothing to die for.

Finally after the mediocre meal, we gave an american express card to settle the bill and the waitress told us that their machine was acting up and they would be able to accept only debit cards. Wow...and we just saw another gentleman on a nearby table use his visa to pay for his meal! My husband was adamant and said he would pay only with a credit card and she reluctantly took the card and made us wait for almost 10 minutes. Of course the credit card went through!

  1. I love Terroni so maybe I am a bit biased but I would like to comment on a few things in the above post.

    I don't have kids, but I wouldn't expect a restaurant to give me fruit or vegetables or anything for my child to munch on. Don't parents bring food from home for the child?

    I will agree the service can be a bit off at Terroni and sometimes they have a bit of an attitude but I just chalk that up to the wannabe actors etc. that they hire.

    I can't really comment on the food other than to say some people love the pizza at Terroni and others not so much, depends on what you like I suppose.

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    1. Thing is, they have a reputation as a kid/family-friendly place. Look at the Toronto Life article about them earlier in the year (where they were featured as one of the Top 10), article mentioned it several times and the photo of the dining room prominently featured a family with kids in the center.

    2. Thanks for this. After reading enough Terroni and Harbour 60 brownnosing in this board it's nice to know they aren't as perfect as we are led to believe...

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          1. I know there's a lot of love for Terroni on this board, but I've been to every Toronto location [it seems to be people's go-to choice for get togethers & birthdays, don't ask me why] and have never had a good meal or experience there. The service has ranged from indifferent to full-on rude, and I think the food is overpriced and terrible. I don't like pizza crusts so cracker-like and hard that I can't even penetrate their burnt crust with a knife, and I find their pasta gluey. The Courthouse location is admittedly very chic inside, but I'll never take decor over food and/or service.

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            1. re: Smorgasbord

              I agree - the idea of Terroni's is great and some of the food is great (the lasagna was fantastic, however puny - about 1/3 the size I'd expect ordering that dish). Their desserts are also terrible. I can only speak for the Queen Street W location.

              May I suggest Regina's Pizzeria on College near Ossington.. We ended up there a few weeks back since Terroni was lined up out the door and it was awesome. I saw them bring out a platter of what I'm assuming was tiramisu that literally made me drool.

              1. re: Joshman

                Maybe the solution is to patronise the Italian restaurant closest to your local Terroni? They probably do a good turnover because of the long-lines-at-Terroni overflow business plus they have to try harder on food and service. For instance I would rather eat at Capocacia (sp?) rathe than the Yonge/St. Clair Terroni.

                1. re: Carruthers

                  Oh, I've always been curioius about that place (Capaccio--yeah, I don't know how to spell it either). What sorts of dishes do they do well?

                  1. re: Ediblethoughts

                    The pizzas are just as good as Terroni, IMO, without being as fussy. That's where I've tended to stick when eating there but dining companions of mine have enjoyed the pasta (gnochi, I think) options because they were a bit more generous with the portion without sacrificing quality.

                    1. re: Carruthers

                      Good to know. I'll try to get around to going there some time soon! (Any idea how their salads are?)

                      1. re: Ediblethoughts

                        i have to agree w/ this... my bf and i have ended up at capocaccia a few times now because of the insane lines at that terroni.

                        he actually likes it better now. i'm a bit undecided myself. i think the pastas and service are better at capocaccia, but i still like terroni's pizzas better.

                        i also can't speak for all the salads, but the funghi assoluti at terroni is much much better than the capocaccia version. i found the latter almost boring, and the flavours didn't pop as much

                        1. re: tygrr_lily

                          Darn. It's a pity how good those Terroni's salads are...