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Oct 12, 2008 07:34 PM

Foodie itinerary for Copley Square- what do you think?

We're visiting for the first time and want to make sure we'll be eating well. What do you guys think?
Brunch: Vlora and Skip Jack's
Lunch: Parish Cafe (need one more suggestion please!)
Dinner: Sorrellina (also need one more suggestion- maybe a low-key steakhouse?)
Drinks: Oak Bar


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  1. I just went to Sorrelina for the first time. Oh. My. It was AWESOME. Probably top three dining experiences in Boston. Everything we got was amazing- Tuna Tartar, Beet Raviolis, Cod, Kobe Beef Meatballs, Chocolate Tore dessert and pumpkin chiffon dessert. I can't believe I've lived in Boston for so long and have never been. So much better than sister restaurant Mistral in every single way imaginable.

    Also, Vlora. I love it there. I'm not a huge brunch person, so I order their scallops for brunch. YUM. Never been to Skipjacks.

    If you like sushi, try Douzo, although there was a post last week that said it wasn't as good as before.

    1. The new Sel de la Terre just a short walk up Boylston St. is great for lunch as is the Top of the Hub. If you don't do Vlora for brunch, you might think of it for lunch. Sorrellina is excellent, but if you're looking for a low-key steak house, Davio's on Arlington St. is also a short walk away. You won't be disappointed in either place.

      1. La Voile on Newbury for either lunch or dinner.

        Go to Top of the Hub for drinks, not for the food.

        La Voile
        261 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

        1. I think some of your choices are really good (Sorellina and Oak Bar) and others are just OK (Skip Jack's). But I wonder why you are limiting yourself to Copley Square. Boston is small and quite easy to get around. I'd hit a bunch of different neighborhoods if it was up to me.

          If you want a lunch/brunch with good seafood, I'd head to the South End (10 min walk from Copley) to B&G or to the North End to Neptune Oyster.

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          1. re: lissy

            I was limiting myself because I'm going with a claustrophobic (no underground trans) and a pregnant woman (didn't want to walk too much for meals). I didn't realize how little walking you actually have to do to get places, but I just looked at a "walking map" and Boston does seem easily walkable. I guess I should widen my scope.
            We have a Davio's in Philly- I'm wondering if it's the same?

            1. re: pottermom

              yes, same owner as boston davio's. none of our steak-houses are especially low-key though!

              aquitaine in the south end is good for brunch. sorrelina's sister resto, mistral, is also excellent for drinks, apps and people-watching.

              from copley, eastern standard kitchen in kenmore square is a 10-minute walk. truly, one of the best places in the city for cocktails. sibling rivalry is also a good drinks place, although the food is hit-or-miss.

              1. re: pottermom

                You might want to consider Erbaluce, which is just a block further down Stuart from Davios, and to the left, beside the South Cove Apartments on Church St. Just opened a few weeks back and is *fantastic*. I just had one of my best dinners in recent memory there last weekend.

                But, yes, Boston is very walkable, so you don't need to stick to things that are within a block of Copley. Parish is a great choice for lunch -- one of my faves.

                1. re: pottermom

                  It's also highly cab-able, especially between such nearby places as Copley and South End or Kenmore.

                  May I suggest Butcher shop for early drinks followed by Hamersley's or Aquitaine.

              2. I'd get lunch at Abe & Louie's (or the Palm which is quieter) for a great burger and fries if you're in the mood for something in the steak/seafood/salad vein. Chili Duck for casual Thai or the aforementioned Douzo. Or Sonsie on Newbury St. Or a short stroll to Petit Robert Bistro on Columbus Ave. or Kenmore Sq. for a nice French lunch (served til 5).

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                1. re: Joanie

                  I think you have some excellent recommendations except for Skipjacks and Top of the Hub. IMO Skipjacks is very mediocre and overpriced. We stopped going long ago and it's the closest place to our office. Top of the Hub has a stunning view but again, mediocre and overpriced food.

                  Personally, the Oak Bar is where I'd go to with business associates or my uncle or something. For drinks, I'd rather hit Davio's, Avila, Sonsie, Sel de la Terre, or Brasserie Jo. All of the forementioned offer gread food, too.

                  Chinatown is a great destination spot for lunch and is within walking distance of Copley if you are adventurous.

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      Definitely drop Skipjacks from your list, but Hamster I really do enjoy those Moscow Mules at the Oak Room Bar. The bartender always gives me extra ginger.

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        I will definitely join you there after work sometime! I think you have a way with bartenders :-)

                        I think the cocktails there are good, but IMO the atmosphere is a bit stuffy compared to the alternatives.