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Oct 12, 2008 07:03 PM

excellent chile relleno in SD?

is there a place to go for a great chile relleno? I've read some posts slamming this dish but have not yet found any praise.

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  1. Super Cocina's is good, most of the time. They use Pasilla chile and Oaxaca cheese, not Anaheim and yellow.

    1. I am not being a smart a** here but what do you consider a "great" chile relleno. Do you want a cheese filling or a picadillo filling? With capeado or without? Thin tomato/chile broth or heavier salsa? En nogada or something else?There are as many versions of chile relleno as there are cooks in Mexico.

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        DD you make a good point. We're open to various fillings, as long as the pepper is actually filled and not just a mushy mess. Spilling out is ok (a presentation technique more than anything else). Lighter topping. We like a balance between pepper and filling (so you taste/experience both). Mostly we just want to avoid mush. What is En nogada?

        1. re: sarapeater

          Ah, chiles en nogada is a seasonal specialty designed to celebrate the freshness of the harvest as well as Mexican independence. It is made with a fresh green chile (usually a poblano) that is roasted and peeled then generously stuffed with a picadillo filling. The whole is then bathed in a delicate and pale sauce made with fresh (green?) walnuts and topped with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds, thus displaying the 3 colors of the Mexican flag. The dish is served a room temperature. This chile relleno has no capeado (batter coating) and is not deep fried.

          I think this dish tends to be a little on the heavy side if it's not made right and it's probably a somewhat acquired taste. It sems people either like it or they don't. I've heard numerous folks complain that it's served lukewarm and a big faux pas is to serve it chilled.

          My favorite chile rellenos are a slightly picante roasted chile poblano stuffed with a simple picadillo, lightly coated wth an egg white batter, fried and served in a light tomato broth. I haven't really found a good one NOB recently.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            If you make it up to LA, dd you should try Antequera de Oaxaca's Relleno - its exactly how you describe and outstanding. I went back for it.


            Chiles en Nogada - here is my version:
            And you can get it in SD here:

            1. re: DiningDiva

              DD, your fav sounds just like what we like too. Though we generally go for cheese. Thanks for all the info.

              if you ever get to NYC, stop by Zarela on 2nd ave. they have a different chile relleno every day. different chiles, different fillings. all delicious and perfectly prepared.

        2. I like the chile relleno at Rudy's in Solana Beach.

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          1. re: cmhuang

            There is a Rudy's at La Costa and El Camino. Is it the same owner?
            Been there a few times and I would rate it as good.
            Have not had the Relleno yet.

            1. re: pantani

              It is the same owner. The Solana Beach store is the original. The chile relleno and carne asada anything are my go-to for a quick cheap meal. Maybe not earth-shattering, but definitely delicious.

              1. re: cmhuang

                I have to say I am a burrito fiend. I have had the bean and the chicken burrito at Rudy's. The bean burrito was good not great, I am pretty picky about burritos I can't say there is anyplace in S.D. that makes a great burrito. The chicken while not bad was kind of on the dry side. Same with the chicken enchiladas. The salsa is medium hot but not much flavor to it. I also go to Bety's on a regular basis and I noticed they have a burrito but I have not tried it yet maybe next time.

                1. re: cmhuang

                  cmhuang: The trick at Rudy's is that just about everything on their menu is *not* earth-shattering, but their carne asada is!

                  Another tip: the better cuts of meat are used for their CA burritos and tortas. A lesser cut is used for their CA tacos (both conventional and "street" soft tacos).

                  My tip to really get a good taste of their carne asada is to order their torta, then do away with the top bun and eat it open faced. Yeah!

                  So far it's my favorite CA. It has all the beefiness and smokiness of an artisan-made beef jerkey, but is tender to boot. The char they get on the CA is also something to behold.

            2. I love the chile relleno at Fidel's in Solana Beach...flame away..

              1. I love the chile rellenos at Bety's Tacos in Encinitas

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                    Bety's address

                    1464 Encinitas Blvd
                    Encinitas, CA 92024
                    (760) 632-1512