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Oct 12, 2008 06:49 PM

Where do you recommend one orders Thanksgiving pies?

cherry, apple, etc? I used to live in Philadelphia, and we always ordered them from the Amish ladies. Do you have a favourite source of pies in NYC? Many thanks!

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    1. What type of pie are you looking for? Apple, pecan, pumpkin?

      1. Pie in the Sky in York, Maine. fedex over night.

        1. Umanoff & Parson's in Tribeca. Earned raves at every thanksgiving I brought them to, especially the chocolate pecan.

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          1. re: a_and_w

            They are no longer located in Tribeca. I believe they used to have two locations: Bronx, and Tribeca. They recently closed the Tribeca one, in anticipating of opening a store uptown, ~110th street on the East side.

          2. Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant
            Little Pie Company
            Sullivan Street Bakery