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Oct 12, 2008 06:18 PM

Best Pizza in Buenos Aires?

Next week, boyfriend and I are leaving for a 16 day trip to Argentina. We love pizza, and can't wait to taste the best of Buenos Aires. If anyone can suggest some pizza places, I would greatly appreciate it.
We generally prefer very thin crust (In the states our favorites are Pizza Picco in Larspur CA, Delfina Pizza in San Francisco and Una Pizza Napoletana in NYC), but are interested in tasting many varieties in Buenos Aires.

Many thanks!!

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  1. I am out of date on Pizza but if you eat meat check out ""El Palacio de las papas fritas"

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      Hi NYCLIBRARIAN: I am going to be in BA next week as well. I came across this site for expats and the guy has a pizza map there.. take a look in the middle of the page on the left.. Hope this helps..

    2. I was just in BA at the Four Seasons a couple of weeks ago and even though I did not eat pizza, there are tons of Italians in BA that have immigrated to this wonderful city, so I don't think you will have any trouble finding a good pizza..
      Have a great time!

      1. La Mezzetta.
        Forget 'bout ambiance, Maitre'Ds, tables, chairs, wine lists and all that nonsense.
        This is ultimate pizza-paradise-on-Earth:

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          My family and I were in BA in July. We had great pizze at Los Maestros on Uriburu in the Recoleta, where we were staying. It was good enough it brought us back a second time.

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              NYC.. Thanks for the links Perhaps we will cross paths next week..

        2. On the thin crust, i.e., "pizza a la piedra" - or cooked on a stone, style - Guerrin is probably our favorite here. If you want the really thin, the "a la parrilla" - or grilled pizza - Morelia or Minna are both great choices.

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            I went to Guerrin a few weeks back after a walking tour of Buenos Aires. The tour guide pointed me in their direction. I ate standing up with many other men at communal tables. I had a vegggie slice with the chickpea (faina sp??) topping. Its an actual topping layer that they gave me cold ( kinda of interesting) also had a glass of vino tino and a beef empanada. I liked the the whole experience. As to the pizza, I think that I am still a NYC kinda pizza fan.

            1. re: Foodandwine

              GUERRIN IS BY FAR THE BEST!!! great atmosphere too. I liked some of their recotta cheese pizzas. Its perfect with a giant quilmes after a boca or river game!

          2. When I visited BA last December I fell over El Cuartito at Talcahuano 937. Good pizza, GREAT atmosphere, been there since 1934. Then even have club soda available in old seltzer type dispensers. As a native of Brooklyn, I highly recommend the pizza.