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Oct 12, 2008 06:13 PM

Help! Family is coming to visit tomorrow, and I need a restaurant that fits this description...

My family is coming to visit tomorrow, and my Mom, in particular, is very picky.
She has a weak stomach and cannot eat anything spicy or exotic.
We cannot do sushi, either, but I'm hoping for a recommendation on something that is, dare I say....even a little gimmick-y. (but still with reasonably good food)

They are rarely in the city, so I want something that will wow them, but still tastes good.
Also, nothing too crazy expensive.

Note: There will be two children, aged 9 and 13.

I so appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Price point please (indicating whether price point includes tax (8.5% I think) and tip (15-20%)are included -- and alcoholic drinks?)

    1. Maybe Ruby Foo's? It's Asian but nothing is too unusual or spicy -- NY's answer to PF Chang's. The food is decent (UWS location) and the decor is gimmick-y/Disney-ish for the kids.

      1. Artisanal is a French bistro attached to a cheese store, and a lot of the menu incorporates cheese. The fondues might be a interesting option that your mother and the kids would enjoy.

        Cafe Sabarsky is a Viennese-style cafe with very good German/Austrian desserts.

        Dim sum in Chinatown, or Sakagura for real traditional Japanese food (they don't have sushi and the food isn't spicy at all) would be two other options that would be interesting, if they aren't too exotic for her.

        Churrascaria Plataforma for all you can eat Brazilian food. They bring around huge skewers of meat.

        Sakae is a conveyor belt Japanese restaurant where the food comes around on conveyor belts and you can take what you want off the conveyor belt or order it from a computer at your table - they have many other options other than sushi. It's not great Japanese food but would be different and fun for the kids.

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          I think Artisanal is a great idea - they can accomodate larger tables, it's bustling, so children aren't an issue, and there are lots of things on the menu to please the group.

        2. If they eat seafood depending on where you are maybe Atlnatic Grill, Ocean Grill or Blue Water Grill?

          If willing to travel downtown look onto a Hunred Acres or Cookshop. I prefer the former, but both are simple, fresh and definitely have a NYC vibe.

          1. I ate at Aurora in SoHo the other night and it was really good. Great quality, shall I say, more inspired Italian food. Cool area, great food and something for everyone.