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Best Bloody Mary?

Seeking the best Bloody Mary and/or Blood Mary Bar. I am interested to know the best in DC; also Baltimore; also Annapolis. I'd be happy to go to the burbs, if that is where it is. If there is a good brunch and setting as well - all the better. But the Bloody Mary is the main thing.

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  1. great Bloody Marys at Mama's on the Half Shell in Baltimore

    Above Average Bloody Mary's at Moni Ami Gabi in Bethesda, MD

    1. The Washingtonian recently did the DC footwork for the rest of us: http://www.washingtonian.com/articles...

      I prefer some variation from the textbook classic and will add Seasons at the Four Seasons on M, J. Paul's - just because I always leave there smiling and surprisingly, the Bloody at CPK is very good. Ask them to hold the celery (an entire stalk) and it holds its own with those I make at home.

      1. I always thought it's kinda dumpy but Sign of the Whale in DC on M NW used to have a bottomless bloody bar (mix yourself - I'm a horseradish vs. Tabasco guy) and it leaves one close to other things after. Metro especially.

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          I'll second the bloody mary bar at Sign of the Whale. I've been to some pretty lame hotel bloody bars that were a lot of expensive chichi and not much variety, but the Whale does it cheap and gets the job done. And you can walk it off around Dupont.

        2. I enjoy the bloody's at City Cafe in Baltimore.

          1. I had a really good one this weekend at Acadiana for brunch. They serve it with a pickled okra which is great!

            Everything else to eat was equally delicious.

            1. Not that it really applies to your question, as I've never reallychad an excellent BM here.
              One of the best BM's I've ever been served was at an airport bar in New Orleans. It was just a typical no frills airport concession stand, but the bartendress served me about the best spicy BM I've ever had.

              Many years ago, Copelands on Rockville Pike came close, but they went downhill fast.

              1. I tasted one at Tabbard a few years ago and it was really good.

                I'm going back, so hopefully they're still good!

                (The best I ever had was at Sarah Beths in NYC...OMG so good)

                1. It sounds unlikely even as I type it, but the Cajun version on the brunch menu at Starfish on Eighth Street SE (Barracks Row) on Capitol Hill just bowled me over.

                  1. I had an awesome Bloody Mary at the Fish Market in Alexandria recently. It included cajun seasoning and pepperoni on the rim of the glass.

                    1. I really like Bourbon's version - and it helps that they have a fantastic brunch. It's not just spicy - it also has a lot of flavor to it.

                      1. Thank you for these great tips - everyone. Please keep posting on this topic as you think of or discover more great Bloody Mary's.