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Oct 12, 2008 05:56 PM

Late dinner after Lincoln Center

After a Thursday night concert I am debating whether to go nearby to Picholine or take the #1 train to the village and go to Mas. I have been wanting to try both places for some time, but have never been to either. Any suggestions?

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  1. i've never been to picholine nor mas but i've been dying to try mas. i was at lincoln center last week. we hopped on the 1 and went to dell'anima. it was worth the quick subway ride to go to a place we wanted to try. i suggest going to mas.

    1. Both are lovely restaurants. Picholine is a bit more formal (detractors might say stuffy) than Mas, and the food may also be a bit more nuanced -- but I frankly haven't eaten at either place enough times to say this with much certainty. The huge advantage of Picholine in this case is, of course, the proximity to Lincoln Center.

      If you want food suggestions, three dishes on the current menu really stand out in my mind:

      1. lobster w/ endive, barberries, and vanilla appetizer
      2. loin of lamb w/ tomato tarte tatin, fennel, and arugula pesto
      3. Nantucket sea scallops w/ cauliflower silk, crumble and grapefruit grenobloise -- I really have to rave about this perfect combination of flavors.

      1. Thank you. Both places sound great. It helps to know I can get to Mas pretty quickly, and I kind of lean toward going there. Anybody have experience with both places?

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          Sorry I wasn't clear: I have tried both places, though Mas was more than a year ago, so I don't remember well enough to do a specific rundown on the dishes I had. I remember thinking it was good, but not in my opinion great, which may have been chance based on what I happened to order (i.e. the pear and endive salad with sauternes mirror at Picholine was also good, but not great). I found the dishes I happened to have at Picholine, recently, closer to great.

          So to summarize: I have a distinct preference for the atm. at Mas (just a personal preference for more relaxed dining spaces rather than very formal ones), but a slight preference based on limited experience for the food at Picholine.

        2. I have never been to Mas, but I wouldn't bother with Picholine. I went prior to the total renovation/chef change a few years ago, and the experience was really special, staff knowledgeable and polite, food exquisite. I was excited to go back after the changes in the kitchen and decor, and was VERY disappointed -- I won't ever go back. The food was so overly rich and heavy (and I love rich food, and never have a problem with it) that I was literally sick to my stomach and up most of the night; the staff was unknowledgeable (anything we inquired about was described as "quite nice;" it is unnerving being excited and inquiring about different dishes, wine pairings, etc., and always being told "oh, it's quite nice.") I also don't think the decor is any warmer than before, perhaps less so.

          I used to live around LC, and I would say if you want to stay in the neighborhood and have a solidly good meal go to Fiorello's (pizza is outrageous, and I personally love the antipasto set-up that can be your whole meal, especially if you're eating late-night). I honestly felt like I'd been taken after my meal at Picholine -- such a shame, especially when you pay the bill....