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Oct 12, 2008 04:38 PM

Mountain View Recommendations?

I'm in Mountain View for the Bridge Concert the end of the month and would love good food/fun recommendations. I'm staying at the Avante Hotel for two nights ... any input on the accommodations? Thanks!

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  1. Any price range or preferences? There's a lot in Mountain View and the surrounding area. If you do a search, you'll find 260+ threads.

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      Thanks, I did a search and found some interesting Greek, Persian and Moroccan options. Any cafe/bistro-type options available in the area? What about breakfast? I'm looking for choices beyond the low price-focused Asian, Indian, burger and Mexican listings in many of the posts. My price range is medium, with the emphasis on good, quality food in attractive surroundings. I'm not that familiar with the area and know I'll be at the Shoreline one night and now staying in Newark at the W, so any local information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

      1. re: ChristineH

        "quality food in attractive surroundings" 15 min. north to Palo Alto.

        In addition there's Osteria, Vero & La Strada for Italian & La Bodeguita Del Medio for fun, contemporary Cuban. Osteria has been around forever serving good, reasonably priced comfort food. Haven't been in a while but our favorites in the past have been the pasta carbonara (still great I hear), veal piccata, calamari & chocolate flan. There's also Cafe Brioche serving Cal/French, a few doors down from the Cuban place. Had a delicious duck confit salad once that I still remember (not on the current menu).

        For breakfast, there's Hobees in Mtn. View or Cupertino (right off 85). I am not familiar with any others in that area.

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          Service was really bad at Osteria and I thought the food was pretty meh the one time we went. We were so excited to go and it was just a crushing disappointment.

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          On Castro St. in Mt. View, both Cascal (tapas) and Xahn (upscale Vietnamese) would fit your requirements of medium price range and attractive surroundings.

      2. Discussion of accommodations is off-topic for Chowhound. Please keep replies focused on chow in the Mountain View area.

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          Good to know. I saw accommodation discussions on the Napa post and thought that was part of the food-travel experience.

        2. Amber India is my recommendation. Consistently rated as "one of the best" Indian restaurants in the Bay Area. This is the original location, comfortable and atmospheric. Be sure to tell your server that you are going to a concert and your evening will be a pleasing success.

          Amber India Restaurant - duplicate
          2290 W El Camino Real # 9 Mountain, View, CA

          1. Awesome! Thanks, everyone, for your expert assistance! I look forward to a delicious trip!

            1. The original comment has been removed