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Oct 12, 2008 03:46 PM

Help - Chinatown Budget Banquet?

I will be taking a group of 10 to Chinatown for dinner on a weekend. I need a restaurant that is good and very reasonable! Is there any place that serves a fixed price "dinner for 10" or at least a fixed price dinner, so I will know the cost in advance?

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  1. Almost any place you walk into that has the seating for groups of 10 will have a bunch of set menus for you to choose from. The price will depend on the kind of food you want.

    1. Most restaurants have flyers that detail the fixed price banquets, try Grand Harmony, Pings or Jing Fong.

      IIRC, Grand Harmony's cheapest banquet was $238, had the staples like steamed fish, roast chicken, fried rice, yee mein, cold jellyfish salad etc.

      If you want a step up in ingredients, for additional price you can get lobster, shark's fin soup, abalone etc.