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Oct 12, 2008 03:41 PM

really good delivery near children's hospital

I live in Los Angeles and my family has not been able to leave their sick little girls side at Children's Hospital and I would love a great reco for a restaurant that will deliver to Children's hospital (or a delivery service). I'm sure hospital food is getting old and since I'm so far away I am unable to bring them home cooked meals. BBQ, Italian, or anything that is just really good and comforting for this difficult time. Thanks for any reco's.

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    1. No recommendations but I really hope your little girl gets well soon.

      1. There's the Longwood Grill inside the Longwood Galleria. The appetizers, soups and sandwiches were quite good. Not sure if they deliver, but it's a few minute walk. There's a Bertucci's, which although not amazing, is comforting and tasty. Everyone likes the rolls. Our niece spent the firt two months of her life there. Your lil girls are in a great hospital. Hope they get better soon!

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          on the site, bottega fiorentina delivers italian, soul fire delivers barbecue, chili duck delivers thai in the boston area, so you can try those and explore others as the list on is pretty comprehensive. we wish you and your family the best outcomes.

        2. Talk to the nurses on the girl's hall. They all keep books of their favorite places under the desk. Quite a few restaurants deliver to the hospital area.