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Oct 12, 2008 03:28 PM

Washington County, PA

Any tips on food in Washington County PA.? I know it is not far from Pittsburgh, but I will not make it there this trip. Thanks for any and all suggestions - leaving tomorrow, in Washington Co til Thursday

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  1. Alfano's Rt. 19 Washington PA
    Harry's Pizza Rt. 19 Waterdam Plaza McMurray PA - great pizza
    Bado's Rt. 19 McMurray PA BYOB
    Carmen's - Jefferson Avenue Canonsburg - hidden gem - BYOB

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    1. re: six dower

      You seem to know the area well, SD. I went to college out there and fondly remember Ernie's Esquire Supper Clubs. I think there were three or four of them. Are they still in business? Their seafood buffets were exquisite - at least they were 30 years ago..

      1. re: Chefpaulo

        We have good memories of Ernie's Esquire - especially the seafood buffet. Unfortunately, long gone.

    2. Bados Cucina Washington Rd. BYOB...there's a State Store in the shopping center at the Crossroads, small, doesn't take reservations.

      The Classroom...just off Washington Rd. it use to be great...haven't been in a while


        FYI : Washington Road is the same as Rt. 19 going north out of Washington. PA