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Oct 12, 2008 03:20 PM

An unusual question about salads

I know this is a long shot, but what the heck…

We used to enjoy the Asian Grilled Chicken Salad at McDonald’s. It was actually pretty good and offered a quick way for healthy fast food. But when we checked today, they no longer carry this salad.

Can anyone recommend a good (healthy) salad from another fast food restaurant?

We travel frequently for business and are looking for something easily accessible, fast and yet something healthy for us.


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  1. Go to a Subway. You tell them what fillings you want in the bread that you chose -- you have good control over what will go in your mouth! I've never had a bad Subway sub. Just ask for as many veggies as possible and it'll be like eating a salad.

    Happy travels!

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    1. re: BratleFoodie

      Subway is an option, but even the 6in sub is too much bread for us.

      Wwhat we really want was a salad suggestion to replace the McDonald's Asian Grilled Chicken Salad.


      1. re: ngtybtnice

        This should probably be in the Chains section, not Chicago, but Subway will make any sandwich into a salad if you ask.

        1. re: lulubelle

          I'm not a big fan of Subway salads...why??? I don't mind them reaching into those little bins for the toppings for my sandwich, but there's something about them using those same bins to concoct a salad!!!! Just one of those things...

          Suprisingly, Arby's has done a pretty good job with salad's- Try the Martha's Vinyard, or Southwestern Chicken salad ( though the chicken is fried!)

    2. I always liked the vegetable ingredients in the McD's Asian salad but I thought the chicken tasted like a salt-soaked sponge. Also, I find Newman's dressings in general to be way too salty. However, you could try the Asian salad at Wendy's. I don't like the new "warm chicken" version as much as their previous version, but it'll do. The vegetable assortment isn't as interesting as McD's but they're pretty fresh. The price has shot up quite a bit lately, but I guess it has for nearly everything.

      One caveat - Depending on how meticulous the Wendy's you go to is, you will have to drain the salad. Sometimes the greens are properly dry. Other times they're swimming in a puddle of water. I guess that means that at least they've been washed.

      1. Chipotle will make any of their burritos into a "bowl"; that is, without a tortilla (or with the tortilla on the side). They will also do a salad with lettuce instead of rice and you can specify (within some range, I presume) how much of what goes into the salad or bowl. I'm generally happy with their food and I like their sourcing practices much more than most restaurants (chain or otherwise).

        Quiznos has a fair number of salad options on their menu. I prefer Quiznos subs to Subway subs quite a bit but haven't had a salad at either.

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          I'm not overly fond of Quizno's salads, even though I like their sandwiches quite a deal. My local one isn't the greatest place in terms of lettuce quality control. If you don't need to hit a drive-in, I like Panera's salads much better at the same price point.

        2. Personally, the Wendy's salads are the best that I have had. In Addition, Sam's Club sells a pretty good salad in their snack bar area.

          1. Personally, I think the salads from Jack in the Box are way better than any other fast food salad options out there. At least in my area