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Oct 12, 2008 01:49 PM

Black Pearl, Ann Arbor

Anyone been to this new joint on Main Street?

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  1. ehhh.... fairly dissapointed to be honest.

    Food was overall good, service was overall ok. It was too dark for my liking but that is pure preference.

    The prices are what killed it.

    My Martini had ice cubes in it?? Better not for $12.

    Coconut shrimp appetizer....$15. The shocker? It's 3 shrimp. 3.

    Mixed Oyster appetizer? $12. 3 oysters. Expected a 1/2 dozen.

    Entrees were a bit pricey but those I was able to stomach. Fish taco's were quite good and the burger was OK.

    If you have money to burn, then by all means, go for it. I would have personally gone to Mac's in Saline or even Real Seafood. Could have had a real sized meal in a relaxing environment with a bottle of wine for less money.

    A meager dinner for two was over $90. Maybe I'm just cheap....

    1. I thought the prices were a bit steep, myself, but I have never been disappointed with the food. The fish tacos are incredible and the calamari might just be the best I've ever had.
      Also: I went in there again the other night and found out that they are now doing specials on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. They are now offering a 5 dollar food/martini menu on Sunday's and drink specials Fridays and Saturdays. Can't really beat that on Main Street.

      1. Have been a couple times . . . I agree it's too expensive but have gotten good wine and food there. It's probably better as a place to sit outside and have wine or a drink, maybe splitting a dish to go with it, than as a place to go whole hog, at least if you're on any kind of a budget.

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        1. re: Jim M

          Is it independent, or, is it a part of Main Street Ventures?

          1. re: Summerfield

            I'm pretty sure it's not Mainstreet Ventures. And I agree the sidewalk seating could be very popular come the warm weather. Good spot to sit and drink wine, or of course martinis.

        2. Well, okay, admittedly the big problem I have with the place WAS the staff...but the last two times I went in (I keep going back cuz hotties have started to hang out there), the bad staff seemed to be weeded out.

          The food I have eaten there is excellent. But the prices can make you flinch, I guess.

          The wine list has gotten better. The menu keeps getting better.

          The thing for me is knowing that new restaurants need a growing period; loose what doesn't work and the people who don't work out. This takes a little time. To their credit they seem to make progress forward each time I go in.

          Another thing, for location, you cannot beat it. This coming warm season in 09 will showcase just how good it can get at the Pearl. It will be THE spot to eat in by April, guaranteed.

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          1. re: mefoodeatnow

            If it makes it to April. That's a cursed location. I wouldn't be surprised if Black Pearl and the Starbuck's are both gone by then. Plus, I'm sick of restaurants in Ann Arbor thinking they can charge locals those kind of prices, Chop House being another example. Maybe the out of towners can afford them, and if so, please take my spot.