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Oct 12, 2008 01:36 PM

Need ideas for left over Prosciutto

I'm looking for some easy and quick meal ideas that can use up my left over prosciutto.


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  1. Just made it again last night after another CHOW recommended it under a gorgonzola thread. People actually scrape thserving dish for scraps.

    I also substitute guryere for gorgonzola for occasions where I know people don't like the strength of gorg.

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    1. re: pondrat

      Wow, that looks delicious. Drooling onto keyboard.

      1. re: yamalam

        I had the same reaction the first time I saw it. One of those things that you can eat until you almost make yourself sick.

        1. re: pondrat

          Have no restraint. Went straight home and made it last night, couldn't resist. My house smells like a foot now, but it was soooo good. All 2700+ calories of it.

          In my defense, I'm having people over this weekend and I wanted to test the recipe before serving to guests.

          1. re: yamalam

            Only 2700 calories ???...I actually feel better now !!

            Give the guyere a try...that's almost like health food in comparison....and it only smells like a gym locker.

    2. Veal or chicken saltimbocca
      Wrapped around grilled or steamed asparagus spears
      Wrapped around melon slices

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      1. re: Marge

        I do saltimbocca a lot. It's fast and easy and you can do a chicken version in the oven that is pretty good and involves less tending.

      2. I love to use it on a nice hard roll with EVOO, fresh basil and fresh mozz ( add balsamic if you like it), salt and pepper as a nice simple sandwich for lunch. So very good.

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        1. re: diablo

          And tomato if you have some nice ones. (tomatoes, that is) :)

        2. If you're looking for something fast and simple, chop it up with some fresh herbs (I find spring onion and Italian parsley brighten up the flavor and cut the richness of the prosciutto) and make an omelette with it.

          1. Add prosciutto and green peas to pasta and top with freshly shaved slivers of parmesan.

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            1. re: susabella

              Similiarily, Spaghetti Carbonara with the prosciutto and peas or asparagus. If I have leftover chicken breast I cut it in stips and toss that in as well. Great for weeknights when it has to be quick and easy. I love that the sauce actually cooks by tossing it with the hot pasta. Freezes well, too.

              1. re: oldbaycupcake

                Also, great in a frittata or wrapped around a chicken breast stuffed with some Boursin (I've done that with a whole breast or bite sized pieces as an appetizer on skewers)