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Oct 12, 2008 01:19 PM

Fine Dining in Edmonton

Going to be in Edmonton next Thu/Fri staying at the Hotel MacDonald. Looking for fine dining in Edmonton, never been. Ate at Rush here in Calgary, enjoyed it. Was at Capo last night; OK

Willing to pay the price

Anybody willing to stick their neck out?

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  1. The long standing candidates for top restaurant in Edmonton would be the following (note that this isn't my personal list so much as a summary of what will be mentioned by various people on this board):

    Hardware Grill
    Red Ox Inn
    Unheard Of
    Jack's Grill (which seems to be a more controversial one...I enjoyed it but apparently there are many who feel it's gone downhill)
    Union Bank Inn
    Blue Pear
    Sage at the River Cree Resort and Casino is a recent addition that has gotten a lot of good reviews
    Ruth's Chris (again, somewhat controversial, and they're really only for steak)

    Do a search for any of those names and you'll get more details including a variety of opinions.

    1. I think that is a very good list. I would add the Harvest Room right in the Mac. It is very good and probably the nicest ambiance. Good wine list too.

      I think the service at Madison's in the Union Bank Inn is hard to beat.

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        that list sounds about right. I will expand on it a bit (the ones I have been to), and put them in order for me, starting with best...

        1. The Blue Pear: innovative monthly tasting menu with different levels of wine pairings available. knowledgeable sommolier, fantastic service. downtown location, sparse, small contemporary space, can be loud if it is packed (this would be the one go to place if I had to choose, I love the tasting menu/wine pairing)

        2. Red Ox Inn: Fabulous innovative food, cozy contemporary ambiance, out of downtown, good service

        3. Sage: Best steak in the city. Okay service (they are struggling a bit with this), decent wine list, ask for a table away from Casino doors, 30 min drive west of downtown.

        4. Jack's Grill: Good service, great food, crowded bistro style space, 15 minutes minimum from downtown

        5. Characters: great service, good food, beautiful warm contemporary space, great wine list, knowledgeable sommolier, downtown core location

        6. Hardware Grill: great tasting food, Huge portions, huge prices, massive wine list, okay ambiance, very corporate, downtown core location, okay service

        Reservations would be highly recommended at all of these, and right away too!

      2. Oh yeah, another recently opened place that I forgot in my original post is the Wildflower Grill, located in the Matrix Hotel.

        1. If you're willing to pay the price, go to the Blue Pear.

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          1. re: yen

            The Blue Pear's tasting menu is significantly less expensive than the ones I have seen at the high end places in Calgary. Not sure about number of course comparison though. That being said I just checked and I think that their prices went up AGAIN. I have not been for a year, and it is now at $85/person. When we first went there it was a steal at $59/person. I guess market trends!

            1. re: cleopatra999

              They went up to $85 a while ago. In the original fare newsletter she said they raised the price so they could buy higher quality ingredients. I've had way better and much cheaper tasting menus in Vancouver but for Edmonton it is my favorite.

              I've been the last 3 months and some of the dishes are the best tasting things I've ever had while others were not good at all (all 4 of us hated the steamed sturgeon last month).

          2. Alberta Cowboy...where did you go? I am curious. Hope you enjoyed whatever it was.