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Oct 12, 2008 12:46 PM

Abruzzo Pizza: Downhill or Just Inconsistent?

I don't order from there often enough to know.

Had two great pies from them in summer. Then last week I got a very nice dough covered with a thin layer of sauce, not very many toppings, and a good amount of cheese which didn't redeem the lack of the other two important things.

Abruzzo Pizza
9010 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C, CA

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  1. My kids' public school had Abruzzo "pizza lunch" Fridays as a fund raiser. Both of them HATE it - they say the crust is like cardboard, the sauce is sour, and there's hardly any toppings. They don't participate any more.

    I'm surprised that Richmond Hill doesn't have very good pizza places, given the large Italian population. All the chains are there, but there's very few independent spots that make a decent pizza. I actually prefer Pizzaville to all the rest.

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      lol when I was in elementary school, we had Abruzzo for pizza lunches too. We would compare our napkins to see who had more grease on their was like a topping itself.

    2. I think it has gone downhill. We used to order from there all the time when we lived in Richmond Hill. We have now discovered Dantes on Baythorn. They are closer to Thornhill but they do deliver north. Great pizza and enormous chicken wings!!

      1. Abruzzo's has definitley gone downhill. I grew up in Thornhill and always looked forward to to nights when my family ordered from there. After moving away for several years I have since moved back to the area and have now tried them twice and both times have been horrible! The first time I ordered I got delivery and the pizza barely had any sauce or toppings and the crust was like cardboard. I decided to give them the benifit of the doubt and pick up my pizza the next time. Again, the crust was like cardboard and the chicken wings we ordered were super soggy. Its really dissapointing!

        1. You should try the Panzerotto's (Calzone) there. I prefer them over their "pies". They have one of the best that I've tried. I usually get mine fried rather than baked. They have decent ravioli there as well. For "pies" I usually go elsewhere.

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