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Oct 12, 2008 12:13 PM

Great brunch at Marigold Kitchen

I just came back from brunch at Marigold Kitchen, and it was really wonderful. First of all, I haven't been there since they repainted, and the dining room is a warm shade of yellow that looks just beautiful in the daytime. The whole experience felt refined and very civilized - a great brunch.

We had coddled eggs that were smokey, nicely set yolks, with a really nice hammy taste. It came with a little round of corn bread and salad greens. My companion had french toast which might be the best french toast I've had in recent memory (or ever, maybe) - really light, creamy and browned on the outside, light and rich and airy whipped cream with a little bit of maple syrup, and apples. Beautifully plated, a good size for brunch.

We had a side of fabulous Surrey sausage - very crispy casing. We had the cinnamon bun as well - a little pillow of cinnamon, sweet but not cloying, not too bready. My only complaint was that the coffee was a little bitter - I had to add sugar, which I don't normally do.

Overall, we loved it - as I said, very refined. The service was pleasant and efficient, and it feels great to have such carefully prepared brunch food in such a beautiful setting with nice flatware, good glasses, cloth napkins, etc. This is only the second week and it wasn't overly busy, but I can imagine that once word gets out, it will be.

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  1. Thanks for the review!

    We also had a chance to try Marigold's brunch this weekend, and as usual, they did not disappoint.

    Between the three of us, we had the surry bread pudding, the salmon, the smoked trout salad, the parfait, the frittata, and a side of grits. The parfait and a smaller portion of the frittata were sent out gratis as we were celebrating my fiance's birthday.

    Everything was outstanding. The parfait is something I would never considering ordering, but it turned out to be once of the stars of the meal. Greek yogurt w/honey layered with fresh orange supremes and My companions were practically licking the glass clean. My trout salad w/rosti was very well balanced with some of the best smoked trout I've ever had. Loved the rosti as well, although I've noticed that the current brunch menu lists potato casserole as the accompaniment.

    I tried the surry sausage bread pudding the previous weekend at the Clark Park Farmers Market, and it's wonderful: creamy and savory with nice pieces of sausage adding the salt and fat that sends it over the top.

    I really don't care for brunch in general as it is too often an excuse to dump yesterday's food on the hungover, but this was the best brunch I've had in a long time. One of my companions is a brunch fanatic and upon finishing her meal said, "Can we come back next week?" That says it all to me.

    The best part of the menu is that it's reasonably priced. The most expensive menu item was the salmon at $12. My trout salad w/rosti was $9. Not sure about the bread pudding, but it's definitely less than $10. I think the cheapest entree was $7. Drinks included coffee and teas plus orange juice. If I had one recommendation, I'd suggest a house bloody mary mix for those of us who like such a thing. If they juiced in house, they could sell pitchers for a nice premium. I know I'd order one. We brought a bottle of framboise lambic, which went quite well with the meal.

    Service was great as usual. Marigold's new GM, Mara (or is it Maura? sorry about that), is energetic and a pleasure to deal with. Our waitress was more than competent and friendly.

    I concur that this will/should be packed in a few weeks once folks realize they don't have to settle for Rx, which oddly enough is generally more expensive than Marigold. And keep in mind that Marigold is still serving Sunday dinner at 3 courses for $30, which is a nice price for some great food. I had the chef's tasting a few weeks ago, but that's another post altogether (try the brown butter poached cod!)


    1. So, where is this place? I'm intrigued, but for all I know you could be in Pittsburgh -- I'm at the other end of the state, in Malvern. So a town hint would be much appreciated!

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        West Philadelphia

        Marigold Kitchen
        501 South 45th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104