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Oct 12, 2008 10:53 AM

Best dinner and post-dinner drinks in Capitol Hill?

Hello, I'm looking for a wonderful foodie spot for dinner with a relaxed ambiance in Capitol Hill, followed by a fun cocktail lounge for post-dinner drinks. Apart from Lark, Poppy, and Quinn's, what would you personally recommend? Thanks!

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  1. I'm really liking Liberty for cocktails, it is fun- great vibe and mix of people and andrew has some delicious cocktails on the menu. I also like the drinks and space at Licorous.

    I haven't been but what about Olivar for dinner? Is Cafe Presse too casual?

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    1. re: little ms foodie

      Thank you both for recommending Olivar. I was going to make a reso online, yet it's closed on Monday---- the day of my out-of-town visitor and dinner outing. Damn! Do you think Cafe Presse could pass as an upscale diner, or is it more of a chill French bistro? I've been to Le PIchet.

      I like the idea of Licorous for cocktails!

      1. re: Salty Mouth

        Cafe Presse is absolutely not high end, it is actually a more casual version of Le Pichet.

        too bad Olivar is closed on Mondays! I would really do Lark then as it is your "finest" dining in that area. How about Monsoon, not upscale but definitely foodie.

        1. re: little ms foodie

          Lark was my original first choice, though it is closed Mondays too. ;(

          I will look into Monsoon. Thank you Ms Foodie.

          1. re: little ms foodie

            Presse might be casual but I had the best poulet roti I've ever had in Seattle there. They do good work; I kinda prefer it to Le Pichet unless the latter has raclette on the menu.

      2. Olivar would be my dinner pick (it's gotten rave reviews lately so reserve early!), then probably Licorous for drinks. I also like Press like LMF suggested...