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  1. Here are some cookies I have been making - Orange Ginger Cookies Ginger Lemon Cookies,1713,... Chocolate Macaroons French Butter Cookies - with these I added crushed lavender flowers for a variation. Another variation was crushed saffron & scraped vanilla bean or coconut. It is a good basic butter cookie recipe and you can easily add variations.

    1. sarah, thank you for posting those awesome recipes. i think they sound so delicious. i can't decide whether to make first the orange ginger with chocolate or the ginger lemon. ;-)

      here are some pumpkin cookie recipes for the holidays:

        1. re: Chocolatechipkt

          thank you. i'd like to try the chocolate covered cherry cookies:

          or the cobble house pecan cookies:

          or the coconut island cookies:

          oatmeal, cranberry and white chocolate chip cookie:

          ooooh: pistachio cherry oatmeal scones:

          among many others, for certain. there are so many interesting and unusual -- and tasty-looking -- ideas!

          ps, a savory biscotti recipe for cocktail hour! cheddar, parm & sun-dried tomatoes!:

        2. Most of my faves you already have listed...there is a local cookbook author & blogger who's Chocolava cookies I make several times a year (sometimes several times a month) - they're moist, great chocolate flavor and lowfat (which is a bonus particularly around the Holidays). I make a lot of her cookies from "One Smart Cookie" and every last one has been a hit - people are always surprised they're lowfat. There are quite a few other recipes of hers on her blog - most recently her biscotti (click cookies & bars on the left column) :)

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            thanks, maplesugar, those chocolavas look great. i also like the sound of her cranberry, nut and white chocolate chunk biscotti.

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              I'm a year late, but just wanted to say that I tried these cookies and they were amazing! my kids loved them and they were so easy--can whip them up fast.

              I played with them a little--rolled in reg sugar instead of powdered because i hate powdered sugar on cookies, and used less baking powder as i like a flat cookie.

              But seriously, if you have kids, these will be a big hit. not suble or sophisitcated, but very good. closest i've ever come to archway dutch cocoa cookies, a fave of mine growing up.

              1. re: missmasala

                Glad you liked them missmasala. I roll my ginger cookies in cane sugar(I like the look & crunch of the bigger granule) I'll have to try that with the chocolava ones next time. Thanks :)