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Oct 12, 2008 10:19 AM

Electric skillet-anyone using one? What do you make?

I have an electric skillet that was given to me. It works great, but I never think to use it. What do you make in yours, and is it easier or somehow better than using a pan on the stove?

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  1. it seems less messy to fry in the electric skillet, and easier to control the temp of the fat
    so that's where I fry chicken, and hanoi shrimp cakes (see the COTM threads for September on the Home Cooking board)

    It's also more mobile, so you can have it outside at a party...or when it's too hot inside in the summer...

    1. My mom has an electric skillet that she uses all the time. She fries eggs, makes bacon, pancakes, garlic green beans, zucchini, chicken, hamburgers---pretty much anything you would use a saute pan for. It comes in especially handy during the holidays when the stovetop burners are all full. I don't know if it's "easier", but hers comes with a dial stating what food to cook at what temp. That might be a help to those who don't know their way around the kitchen too well.

      1. Only pancakes. Kinda bulky to store, but works better for me than to use multiple burners & pans on the stove. Tried bacon once, never again, too messy.

        1. I love mine and use it for tons of stuff, I just used it yesterday to make cubesteak with gravy.

          1. Got rid of mine. It can be entertaining to watch stir-fry being made at the table. But it's just one more thing taking up space. Heck, why pay money for a range if you don't use it?