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Oct 12, 2008 09:39 AM

Cafeteria Style Eateries

Besides the obvious (Clifton's, Whole Foods, How's, Souplantation, Hometown Buffet) can anyone suggest any other cafeteria-style or buffet eateries?

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  1. San Antonio Winery is set up like a cafeteria, although the entrees are cooked to order.
    Beadle's in Pasadena closed in 2006 and Schaber's in North Hollywood closed in 1998, they were a few of the last real cafeterias.
    Of course there's dozens of buffet Chinese, seafood, Indian, etc. places, but that's a whole other category.

    1. Greenfields in Long Beach is a Brazillian Churrascaria (sp?), but also has a nice buffet section.

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        We went a month or so ago. That is the biggest buffet of that kind I have seen. The meats skewers were super scrumptious and the buffet had a large variety. Definetly worth the drive for us.

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          Can you describe the extent of the Greenfields buffet? Just salads or more?

          1. re: sbritchky

            More than just salads, soups, rice dishes, stews, shrimp, various salad makings. There menu says, "14 - 18 traditional Brazilian and Curopean dishes and various soup & 25 - 30 types of fresh salads." Full bar as well. It is a fun thing to do with a group, lot's of families.

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              Cafe Sierra up in Universal City is an extensive Asian themed buffet (Chinese, Korean), also with sushi, prime rib, lobster, etc. Its kind of pricey, but a fancy buffet with good quality food.