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Oct 12, 2008 08:54 AM

Timmins and area?

Later this week, I'll be heading up north for a few weeks. I'll be hanging out mostly with family and friends, but I still like to get out and about. Whenever I'm up north, I always take in a couple of lunches and dinners at The Airport Hotel, in South Porcupine. The food in the upper dining room is quite good (the tomato sauce on the ravioli rivals any tomato sauce that I've had in Toronto - seriously, and good steak, Linzertorte, soups) if not especially experimental. It is what it is, and very good at it. But I was wondering whether any hounds have had any recent experience in and around Timmins, and had some recommendations, like TAH, or the dining room at The Senator Hotel, or places to avoid.


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  1. London Cafe for good Chinese food.

    Chez-Nous for late night delivery poutine.

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        LOL! I was -just- talking about this thread with someone and they recommended the Fishbowl as well.

        Great fish options on the menu (something like 8 types of fish, cooked 5 or 6 different ways).

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          Well I've never even been to Timmins but the organization I work for has offices all over Ontario and a colleague of mine there mentioned it. So HP, if you try out Fishbowl, let us know what you think.

    1. Still cleaning up replies since my extended absence.

      I did get to the Fishbowl for lunch one day. I wasn't espeially hungry (contra my name here), so went for the crab cakes with a side salad. it wasn't bad, but didn't blow my socks off. They weren't greasy, but a tad meally and not especially flavourful. Notable was the size of the glass of wine - 8 or 9 ounces, fergawdssake! Decent, though not terribly interesting selection of wines. That said, it was all for a decent price, and considering the options available in Timmins, it is definitely a to-go place. The worst thing about it is trying to exit the parking lot on to Riverside Drive - extremely hazardous if you're making a left turn.

      Lunch at the cafe at The McIntyre Arena (open daily) in Schumacher. It has very much a diner sort of menu: burger, meat loaf, fish and chips, etc. I went out of nostalgia more than for any other reason (hadn't been there in over 20 years), but for what it is, it's still pretty good. I had perogies (excellent) with a Cesar salad (something weird going on with the dressing - not bad, just not right). Licensed, but no selection of wine beyond very basic red and white, and domestic corporate beers.

      Lunch one day at The Airport Hotel in South Porcupine. (Note: no connection whatsoever to the Timmins Airport - different histories.) Wine selection of three reds and three whites. I had chicken ravioli in a home-style tomato sauce (somehow different every time I go there, but always excellent, rich and stewy) and a couple of glasses of drinkable Valpolicella. My friend had the soup, a sort of minestrone, and a club sandwich, the turkey for which he said was quite moist.

      By Toronto standards, none of them were chow-worthy, but context is everything here; in this instance, a sprawling, thinly populated city of about 50,000 supported by the mining and lumbering industries. I do love the tomato sauce at the Airport Hotel, though.