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Oct 12, 2008 08:43 AM

Gastro Pub in Conshy?

Will be driving near, or possibly through Conshohocken next weekend. We'd love to stop some place great for a few pints and good chow. Does such a place exist there? I have no familiarity with the area but am always up for a good chow/brew find in a new place.


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  1. Half. You'll find good pub, just missing the gastro. Great American Pub and Boathouse have large beer selections..Boathouse probably the broadest selection. Boathouse has a nice basic burgers, ribs, etc selection...good. I wouldnt recommend the G.A.P. for food.
    There is also a place called Gypsy Saloon or some such...nice bar area..some good beers..Allagash white, Stella, etc..on tap. But here too I wouldnt run there for the food. (to be fair, only eaten there once..but it wasnt very good..particularly in light of the price. (had a seared hangar steak or some such recently..basically tasted/looked like doused in some jarred tteriyaki sauce..very salty....and a jumbo lump crabcake/risotto dish..not a jumbo or a lump to be found. Disappointing. Good Beer..passable burgers...go Boathouse.

    1. I think your best best will be the General Lafayette Inn. It is on Germantown Avenue in technically Lafayette Hill but only a few minutes from Conshohocken proper. They make their own beer right there in the place and the food is pretty good. They usually do some seasonal things but it has great ambiance and the beers along with a burger is a good time.

      1. I would second the rec of the Boathouse. It doesn't have much atmosphere, but the beer selection is extensive. Recommend the wings and burgers. I have also heard the clam chowder is good though haven't tried it myself.

        1. In terms of "pub" atmosphere I'd suggest Lafayette over Boathouse. The beer is a trade off between Lafayette's house brew and the above average selection at Boathouse. Neithers food is oustanding. But despite it's selection, Boathouse still has that kinda "$1 draft night", "Captain & Diet" place feel to it.

          1. Capone's in East Norriton is nearby Conshy, they have decent food but an amazing beer selection.