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Oct 12, 2008 08:30 AM

Burmese restaurant Burlingame Ave?

Coming back to visit Burlingame next week :) Has anyone tried this Burmese restaurant on Burlingame Ave? I saw they had my fave ginger salad :)

Other ethnic recs in Burlingame,San Mateo and Milbrae as well? I'm a fish/veggie guy-so no meats...Best felafel??


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  1. Plenty of decent ramen places. My personal favorite is Himawari in San Mateo.

    Thanks for mentioning the Burmese place in Burlingame. I had no idea. (It's called Mingalaba.)

    202 2nd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

    1213 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010

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      Thanks! How difficult is it to go to Himawari and stick to my fish/veggie mode?

    2. They make very good falafel and other middle eastern dishes at Aladdin Market and Deli.

      It's not a restaurant and they only have a couple of tables outside the door so you might prefer to get your food to go. Tasty stuff, though.

      Aladdin Deli & Market
      224 E Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94403

      1. A friend of mine treated me to a birthday lunch at Roti Indian Bistro in Burlingame which I enjoyed very much. Though we ordered chicken entrees (tikka masala & biriyani), I am sure their fish, especially tandoori, and veg. entrees are just as delicious. Perhaps someone else can verify this.

        Also, Annapoorna in San Mateo is a good bet for South Indian veg. fare (lunch buffet & a la carte dinner). Very casual place.

        1. Innya Lake in San Bruno was an excellent Burmese lunch spot back when I worked near the airport.

          Innya Lake
          586 San Mateo Ave San Bruno CA

          1. Mingalaba is probably better than the Burmese restaurants in SF.


            There's also Little Sheep in San Mateo for Mongolian hot pot.

            Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
            215 S Ellsworth Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401