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Apple Pie Question

I’m going apple picking today, and I know I’ll end up with tons of apples. I’m planning on buying some pie crusts (regular and whole wheat) to make apple pies. Can I use a crumb topping on top instead of another crust?

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  1. You certainly can; I do it all the time with apple, peach, and cherry pies. Cuts some fat and adds another textural dimension.

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      Thanks! What's in your crumb topping recipe? Mine is flour, white sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and a drop of oil (to make it crunchy.. I learned that from my grandma)

    2. apple crumb pie is the best way to eat this perfect dish.

      1. It even has a name: Dutch Apple Pie. If you don't want to bother with pie crust at all, you can make apple crisp -- here's my favorite recipe: http://www.bigoven.com/13839-Willies-...

        I use brown sugar in with the apples; you can make it in a 9x13 if you multiply it by 1.5.

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          This is not a correction, but a question. From eastern Pennsylvania, and always had dutch apple pie, as apple with raisins and a top crust with white danish pastry style icing on it. Are they both correct?

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            I always thought of the pie you describe as a French Apple Pie.

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                Don't be sorry! I went apple picking yesterday at an orchard (Blue Jay in Bethel, CT) got some terrific Cortlands, and now you have inspired me to make a French Apple Pie.

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                    I do have a recipe to share. I made it last night, and it came out good. I used my mother-in-law's pie crust recipe which I published in detail, with a link to a slideshow in an old thread called Apple Pie 101. If anyone wants the link let me know.

                    I should also mention I make French Apple Pie with an orange icing, which is not traditional. Other recipes call for vanilla icing.

                    FRENCH APPLE PIE

                    Pie crust dough for 2-crust, 9-inch pie
                    2/3 cup sugar
                    2 tablespoons flour
                    1/8 teaspoon salt
                    1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
                    6 cups sliced peeled tart apples (I like Cortlands, can also use Granny Smith)
                    1/2 cup seedless raisins
                    2 tablespoons orange juice (from fresh orange)
                    1 tablespoon unsalted butter

                    Orange Frosting:

                    1 cup confectioner's sugar
                    3 tablespoons strained orange juice
                    1 teaspoon grated orange peel


                    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
                    2. Combine sugar, flour, salt and cinnamon in a small ball. Mix with apples and raisins in a large bowl.
                    3. Place filling in pie-crust lined 9 inch pie pan.
                    4. Sprinkle with orange juice and dot with butter.
                    5. Adjust top crust, flute edges; cut vents.
                    6. Bake in 400 degree oven about 40 minutes or until crust is browned and apples are tender.
                    7. Remove from oven.
                    8. Make orange frosting by combining confectioner's sugar, orange juice and orange peel.
                    9. Spread frosting over pie while it is still warm.

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            Thanks for the crisp receipe - had gone apple picking on sunday and came across this thread, made the crisp last night and it was out of this world!

            Looking forward to making some pie tonight

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              Isn't it great? And so easy! I've made it with all kinds of fruit, including pears, peaches, nectarines, sometimes with mixed with berries.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                I made my first (!) apple crisp the other night and it turned out great--so easy! Combined with a simple sugarless pat-in crust and it was a hit at the party.

                Will definitely try with other fruit as you've suggested.

          3. That's exactly what I have in the oven right now, after apple-picking yesterday. :-) I used the streusel topping recipe from Cook's Illustrated Dutch Apple Pie recipe, which consists of flour, white sugar, brown sugar and a bit of cornmeal, with melted butter mixed in with a fork. It's smelling mighty delicious. Enjoy your pie!

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              Thanks! I made three pies with regular crusts and the struesel topping from Everyday Food. (From the plum coffee cake recipe). Theyr're baking now and they smell awesome!

              Enjoy your pie as well!

            2. mmmm, all of your pies sound delicious. i just wanted to add that you can add some ground flax seed to any crumb topping recipe. your yummy dessert is now packed with nutrition! (my excuse for enjoying leftovers for breakfast) :)

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                ooo, i'm going to try that next time. i bought organic unsweetened flaked coconut and pomegranate granola today from Fairway today, so i'm going to make one pies with one of those in the crumb topping.

              2. Has anyone ever eaten apple pie w/ a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top? I used to wait tables at a private dinner club. At lunch every day, I waited on the same group of elderly lawyers and judges and if we had apple pie that day, I always had to bring it out to them w/ a slice of cheese on top. It's one of my favorite ways of eating apple pie - every since they turned me on to it. 'Course, initially, I thought they were nuts but curiosity got the better of me and I finally tried it. Mmmmmm.

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                  yes!!! i always thought that that was a wisconsin thing, though it is delicious enough to convert folks from other regions, as you say. it has to be good cheddar, though!

                  1. re: soupkitten

                    Glad to know someone else shares my love of it. You know, maybe it did originate in Wisconsin. Makes sense. Oddly, I alway attributed it to a Pennsylvania Dutch thing - don't ask me why. Maybe b/c i'm from central PA. Ha!

                  2. re: lynnlato

                    There's a little song from an old movie I recall...

                    "Apple pie and cheese
                    Apple pie and cheese
                    Oh I'd get on my kneeeees
                    For apple pie and cheeeeese."

                    1. re: TrishUntrapped

                      My dad always says: Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.

                      Yes, cheese is great on apple pie. But it doesn't only have to be cheddar. I am having some tonight with some Ski Queen cheese on top. Mmmm.

                      1. re: Sooeygun

                        Wow, it's much bigger than I ever knew! I love the song and Dad's saying - so cute!

                        What is ski queen cheese?

                        1. re: lynnlato

                          Ski Queen is a brand of Norwegian Gjetost, looks like firm caramel, is a little sweet and very odd. Not difficult but acquired taste. Ski Queen is the brand of a mix of cow and goat milk and comes in a red package. The better one is Ekte Gjetost, all goat in a blue and beige checked package

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                            Well, now you've peaked my curiousity. I searched online and found this blog http://www.buffalorising.com/story/go.... Are you sitting down? This blogger compared it to the "cheese" you find inside a Combo pretzel snack - blech! Ha!

                            Not to worry, I won't let that dissuade me. I'd like to give it a try. I will also email some friends in Sweden and see if it's something they indulge in regularly. Thanks for the info.

                            1. re: lynnlato

                              Having had Combos, I would have to disagree. Or maybe I just haven't had the right flavour of Combos, lol. And it didn't bring to mind peanut butter to me when I saw it. To me it looks like a chunk of toffee or caramel fudge. But then when you taste it and it tastes like cheese, your senses get all confused. It's not a strong cheese flavour; I find it like a slightly sweetened cream cheese.

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                      I don't like this at all -- the textures just don't work for me. Maybe grated cheddar in the pie would be good, but I've never been brave enough to try.

                      1. re: pikawicca

                        I've seen recipes for apple pie baked in a crust made with some grated cheddar. For example: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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                          ...Then you would also probably have a difficult time with a scoop of cheddar ice cream on your slice of pie! :)

                          A neighbour recently gave us a container of this unique concoction and I felt an odd mix of gratefulness and shock at the gift. Fortunately I had enough takers at a potluck to help me finish the ice cream (on homemade apple pie with yogourt and a crumb topping)! (Funny--just the men, if I recall...)

                          For the record, I didn't mind it. To me it just tasted like vanilla ice cream with little bits of shredded cheese in it. But my wife says it's just too much of a psychological barrier... :)

                          1. re: pikawicca

                            you also don't need to have the cheese directly *on* the pie to experience the joy of apple pie & cheese. an accompanying small piece of cheese on the side of the slice of pie-- then just alternate bites. mmm. i have some nice double gloucester. where's my rolling pin?!

                        2. ABSOLUTELY YOU CAN! throw some caramel and walnuts in there too!

                          1. here's another great recipe for an apple pie with a crumb top . . . it's really delicious and easy. it has sour cream in it. a bit unusual when you're starting to get sick of the old standard.


                            1. Everyone loved the pies! My brother in law didn't believe me that I baked them.

                              Now, for the next apple recipe... I have tons more apples, raisins, coconut, and walnuts. I was thinking of sauteing the apples with the other ingredients and using it as a filling for puff pastry 'purses.' What do you think?

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                                Make glazed apple cookies. Look up the recipe on allrecipes.com. That recipe is fantastic. I made 2 batches last week, people went nuts for them.

                                1. re: cheesecake17

                                  I've often done this with phyllo -- carmelized onions, sauteed apples, and Maytag blue cheese in the bundles, then with a dipping sauce of balsamic glaze.