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Oct 12, 2008 07:56 AM

A Pickle

For some strange reason I was dwelling on my youth and remembering when you could go in to a deli and would buy pickles straight out of a pickle barrel. Does such a thing still exist anywhere in Los Angeles today or has the Health Dept. wiped that out.

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  1. Junior's Deli in West L.A. Just yesterday I had one.

    1. Some Whole Foods stores have olive bars with fresh pickles available.

      1. Any of the Russian delis in West Hollywood. As the link below recommends,

        'Definitely try Russian pickles, which are the finest thing ever invented in the pickle line. Get the ones that say "соленые," not "малосольные" or "маринованные."'

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          If you're in the El Segundo area, Original Rinaldi's has big jar with the Boar's Head logo. The pickles are pretty big and when I enquired about the quality on one of the Chowhound boards it got a positive response (the pickles that is). I suppose other deli type places that serve Boar's Head products might have the pickles too. Haven't tried the pickles myself, but it probably just a matter of time.