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Oct 12, 2008 06:17 AM

mushroom and polenta pot pie query

Hello! I am making this recipe:
for a family dinner tonight. My question is whether I can make the potpie in advance, and instead of baking immediately, wait approx. 2 hours and bake it at my relatives house. I thought this would be better than baking in advance then reheating(thinking this might dry out the polenta) Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It would be most appreciated!

Thank you!

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  1. Interesting recipe! Ordinarially I would say baking later would be fine, but this different polenta mixture has beaten egg whites in it, presumably to make the polenta lighter and fluffier. Waiting might cause deflation. Probably still worth a shot.

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    1. re: scuzzo

      thanks- I wouldn't have thought about the egg whites!- tricky....
      well, i think i will just have to see how it goes!

      1. re: alltummy

        I case you are interested, scuzzo, I made this last night, and although it would have been more beautiful if the polenta rose, as I am sure it would has if baked immediately, this recipe was very delicious. An excellent vegetarian entree!

        thanks for you advice.