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Oct 11, 2008 09:37 PM

Anniversary dinner in Portland

My husband and I are traveling to Portland for the first time for our one-year anniversary in November. We are looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate our actual anniversary.
We care most about the food and are interested in local, fresh ingredients and would prefer an emphasis on seafood.
We are pretty open in terms of neighborhood and would like a nice atmosphere but doesn't necessarily need to be traditionally "romantic."

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  1. Southpark is right downtown and features great seafood. Maybe the best raw oysters in town if that's your thing.

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    1. re: AlbertaHound

      Almost all of the anniversary-worthy restaurants will be local/fresh/nice atmosphere. If it's seafood-centric you want, I would trend toward either Wildwood or Alberta St Oyster Bar and Grill.

      Of course, not necessarily seafood-centric, but a restaurant that I think is clicking on all cylinders at the moment is Ten-01. In fact, a recent post here on CH followed up on a Ten-01 rec and they seemed to have a great time.

      1. re: SauceSupreme

        Agree with Sauce on this one.

        Although I will add that I don"t think I'd consider Southpark for an anniversary dinner, a good place but not for an anniversary or special occassion, at least for me.

        Ten01 is truly hitting all marks right now.

        Another to consider is Carlyle, one of my favorites!

        Wherever you choose be sure to let them know it's a special evening to help ensure the night goes to your liking. Happy Anniversary!

        Carlyle Restaurant
        1626 NW Thurman St, Portland, OR 97209

    2. Definitely either Carlyle or ten-01.

      1. How about drinks pre or post at Bar Avignon. We were there two weeks ago and really enjoyed the offerings and atmosphere.

        1. Agree with Southpark for seafood. Nice atmosphere, although not traditionally romantic. For the more traditionally romantic, Carlyle is a good option.

          1. Southpark has a great bar though. You might think of stopping in for a cocktail before or after dinner. I think the bar has a great atmosphere and is romantic. For dinner you could try the Heathman or Higgins which are both a short walk from Southpark.