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Oct 11, 2008 09:19 PM

Pie (Orange, Alamance, or Durham NC)

My wife and I watched Waitress last week and ever since have craved a really good, housemade, freshly baked pie. We were in Chapel Hill tonight and couldn't think of a place that would have one.

Allen and Sons makes a good pie but their hours rule them out as a dessert spot. The key lime pie at Blu is great but seems more of a special case than fitting a general craving. The tarts at Guglehupf, Southern Season, and Weaver Street are good but they aren't pie (is Weaver Street Pie any good?). The pie at Ye Olde Country Kitchen is the only thing there we don't crave.

Fruit pies, custard pies, cream pies...all fine by us. By the slice is ideal but in a pinch we're wiling to get the whole thing if it is really special. Bonus if the place also has good coffee.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I've not tried them, but take a look at the web site, then read the review.

    I also seem to remember having a pretty good slice of pie at Bullocks BBQ in Durham.

    I've been getting my pie fix from the unfrosted fried pies sold by convenience stores in the Gastonia area. I find it kind of sad that good pie is slipping away from our culture.

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      Scratch ( has a booth at the Durham Farmer's Market every Saturday. They have the most amazing pies and other baked goods.

    2. Foster's Market in Durham makes delicious fruit pies. (I haven't been to Foster's in Chapel Hill)

      1. Great question! I'm always in search of old-time desserts. Pies are wonderful, and I can't think of a place here in the area (at least my area - Chapel Hill) where you can get a good pie. Hope others give us some leads. I'm lucky...I have a friend who makes wonderful pies! I have such fond memories of a place called "Betty's Pies" in either Minnesota or Wisconsin...can't remember exact place - but oh, those pies!

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          In Chapel Hill, while I could take or leave their other food items, I think Mama Dip's make some good pies.

        2. Yeah, the fruit pies at Weaver Street are really good. I'm not a big fan of cream pies, so I can't fairly evaluate theirs.

          1. I vote for the Barbecue Joint. I actually go there more for the sides and pie than for the BBQ!