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Oct 11, 2008 08:56 PM

creamy cheese enchiladas

I pre-apologize if someone has already posted this. My searches don't work well on this board. Is there a "tips for searching chowhound" page? I looked for hits for Reale's the other day and every post with the word "real" in it came up. Not "real" helpful. Anyway, my husband loves tex-mex. Especially, cheese enchiladas. However, many places use cheddar - yuck. Cheddar doesn't melt well. He requires something creamier, less oily. He likes Pappasitos (however we went last month and they weren't as good, many of their offerings had slipped, not sure what's going on there) and Matt's El Rancho. I believe the "secret" is that it must contain american cheese. He's also a bit particular about the chile/meat sauce. It should be orange-ish and should definately contain cumin. For a fast, cheap version, he doesn't hate Taco Cabana. I'll go ahead and tell you we've been to El Patio and Enchiladas Y Mas, he was not impressed. After seeing a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives episode, we tried Maria's Fast Tex-Mex. Again, not impressed. We're happy to drive to East Austin, location doesn't matter too much. Any suggestions?

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  1. i have a suggestion for your search problems. if you put it in "quotes" it'll look for what's specifically within the quotes. as for enchiladas, no idea, but have you tried Aranda's on Stassney?

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      Thanks for the tip. Quotes are great for multi-word searches. There doesn't seem to be any difference in the results for "reales" vs. reales. I don't understand a search engine that thinks it's okay to add letters. But, that's a whole 'nuther topic :-)

      1. I haven't been there in several years, but doesn't Maudie's use a lot of American cheese?

        1. Try Dario's (love the Salad Plate #2) on the east side, or La Paloma on Westgate at William Cannon if you are south. Each of those places serves the processed-cheesy enchiladas with mild chile gravy that I think your husband is seeking. Not everyone loves them, but I do! To me they are the ultimate tex-mex comfort food I grew up with.

          1. El Azteca on E 7th had good cheese enchiladas the last time I went (a couple of years ago).