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Oct 11, 2008 08:33 PM

Southern Food, Raleigh?

Searching for good southern food in Raleigh. Since moving here from FL I'm not surprised that the selection of ethnic food, pizza and NY delis is weak in my slice of the suburbs. But I expected more southern food and diners! I want to find out where the best country fried steak with sausage gravy would be, and also the best biscuits and best smoked pork for sandwiches. I had smoked pork for the first time out of a friend's smoker and have been dreaming of it ever since.

I'm only interested in stuff I can find in Raleigh (preferably North Raleigh but that's probably pushing it) or Wake Forest.

One place I can recommend for general southern cookin' is Wakefield Junction in Wake Forest. Tasty free hush puppies with your meal, at least 5 different homemade pies and cakes daily, plus simple favorites.


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  1. In Raleigh try Finch's, Joe's Place, Big Ed's City Market, Pam's Farm House or The Farmers Market. All are at least as good as Wakefield Junction. You can find addresses and phone numbers on this link Be sure to call first as they all have less than convenient hours.

    If you want really good Southern food, then drive down Fuquay and try Joyce and Family:

    If you like Joyce's and want really good Southern food, fill up the gas tank and drive down to Siler City and try The Old Place or Ye Olde Country Kitchen.

    The Kitchen's web page has been under construction for a year or so.

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      Two other options for a drive are Johnsons Farmers Market (at this time it is closed due to an 18 wheeler driving into the building, hell of a way to pick up your take out order} in Youngsville.

      The 2nd option is Murphy House in Louisburg on 401.

      Also, Holden's Bbq in Youngsville in addition to the good que has good daily lunch specials, Thursday is chicken and dumplings.

    2. Larry's Southern Kitchen in Garner on Tryon Road is another. Buffet style.

      Clyde Cooper's downtown in Raleigh.

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        Don Murray's lunch buffet right off the beltway on Captial. A literal pig picken'.

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          I am pretty sure Don Murray's has closed, or maybe they moved....

          1. re: BowlofBerries1

            Don Murray's has been closed for a while now.

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            Yes, Mr. Murray sold then died, and unfortunately he sold his good name.

            Joyce and Family way down in Fuquay, or is it Varina, is the best Southern Food for sale round here.

            The Farmers' Market retaurant in South Ralegh is a distant second to Ms. Joyce.

            But I get north of 540 only a few times per year and hope to hear of deliciousness up yonder.