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Rittenhouse area romantic spot?

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I am new to Philly, and looking for a romantic spot to dine with my boyfriend. We are students so need to stick to a budget, but I am a bit of a foodie so am willing to spend a little more for good food. He is a big guy, so can't be a place with tiny portions...also interested in fresh, local and environmentally friendly cuisine. Any suggestions?

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  1. That's quite a tall order! I don't know if there is a place with big portions of fresh, local, environmentally friendly ingredients, in a romantic setting, on a budget, in Rittenhouse. Why does it have to be Rittenhouse? Just curious. If you don't mind walking a half-dozen blocks in any direction there are many more options.

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      Haha, yes we could definitely walk a few blocks for good food.

    2. Caffe Casta Diva BYOB

      1. Can you be more specific about your budget? And what you think is romantic? Do you care if the restaurant is BYO or has a bar?

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          I would prefer BYO but bar is ok. Entrees below $20 are great, and if we can share an appetizer and have 2 entrees for under $60 that is fantastic. In terms of romantic I mean somewhere with some ambiance, not a casual pub or pizza joint.

        2. Friday Saturday Sunday on 21st Street should satisfy most of your criteria: romantic, rittenhouse Square area...apps $8 to $12, entrees $20 up to $30 (for the filet mignon or rack of lamb), not BYO but wines are priced $10 over cost