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Oct 11, 2008 07:34 PM

Traveling through Texas on the I-40

Driving from Missouri to California on the I-40 and looking for Chowhound-great food on or near the I-40 (the best food on the highway and food worth detouring off for...) One of us has a wheat allergy, but other than that, any kind of food is fair game. Any great stops--or places to avoid?

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  1. Boot Hill, Vega.

    Randy's of Wildarado (if it has moved back, I'm not sure it has.)

    There are several options in Amarillo, if you search the board there was a thread not long ago with some very good recs.

    1. I have tried Boot Hill twice now. Wish I had better things to say. Randy’s has closed and don’t think reopened anywhere.

      If you’re staying in Amarillo over night would say either Country Barn on West side or Big Texan on East side. I know, I know locals always pan both places, but I have driven I-40 from Tennessee to California, and both are more interesting than 90 % of the places I found. And people who pass through and review for Yelp and such seem to like both places. If you pass through Amarillo for lunch or early supper maybe Coyote Bluff Café on East side (2417 S Grand St) not far off highway. Burgers some steak, cash only I think. Go bunless for the celiac.

      Great food? Naaa, but sometimes fun stops on a road trip make for average food.

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      1. re: SailorWes

        Thanks for the suggestions. i agree with you Sailorwes--on a 30 hour drive, fun stops might not have the country's best food, but they sure beat McDonalds.....(have you ever checked out Wall Drugs in Wall, South Dakota?)

        1. re: coffeebrownies

          Never been to the Dakotas but have been thinking that might make a good trip some day. Will keep it in mind, looks good.

          By the way, what I thought I had written was "make up for average food" but reread it after time had expired to edit it. Hope your trip is a great one!