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Oct 11, 2008 06:48 PM

San Diego - "Solar Power" Foodies?

Hello all friendly foodies -- anyone traveling to the Solar Power Conference this next week and looking to get together for some adventurous eating? I'm here now until next Friday (10/17). Looking at the boards I've gathered a couple destinations for food exoduses (exodi?): Mariscos German and Aqui es Texcoco... anyone know the area well?

The Gaslamp district just doesn't do it for me. Although, I will say I made an interesting find last night at a place called Calaco Grill which had homemade tortillas (flour and corn). The only taco worth getting out of the four I tried though was the Burraco -- a mix of avocado salsa, carne asada, and melted cheese. OK, it was more than that, don't hold it to my description.

So who's ready to go on some adventures?


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  1. Hey Aron,

    A friend and I are also in town for the solar conference, and looking to taste some of the best and most interesting SD has to offer. I have Sushi Ota on my list, but need to add some authentic Mexican and seafood places. Let me know what you're plans are and maybe we can meet up.