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Oct 11, 2008 04:25 PM

Cabo San Lucas

Okay, are there any decent places to eat in Cabo? We always stay at Esperanza and the restaurants there are so bad we go elsewhere every night in search of a decent meal. We've been to Ediths and The Office and can't stand either place ... WAY too touristy and the food is totally mediocre.

San Jose del Cabo is a little better but we'd love to find a great place closeby in Cabo San Lucas. We're not really interested in going to other resorts to eat.

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  1. Not a restaurant at all but my favorite taco stand in the world is in Cabo San Lucas, literally a hole in the concrete. If you walk around in town, you should walk by it at some point. The owner has a fake picture of him with the Beatles and his menu is painted on a large wooden wall hanging...We spoke with a couple that had been going to him for 10 years...Mi Casa still does a decent tamale in my opinion but I'll admit that I go there for the atmosphere/decor...

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      Just found the name and address. Guess we aren't the only ones. Gordo Lele's Taco Stand Address: Guerrero at Zapata, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It's #2 on Trip Advisor, I'll be adding my review there shortly. I loved the asada and al pastor.

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        Try La Frida in Pueblo Bonito Sunset.

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          la fonda
          nick san
          gardenias fish taco on the way to medano beach

    2. I hear ya on the places down there by the beach. Plus it might have gotten better (I've been going down there once a year or more for 20 years), but its always killed me how all that fresh seafood is mercilessly overcooked.

      Ya gotta eat like the locals to do okay. they love grilled chicken in baja, so if you see a chicken restaurant, give it a try! Those places are swarming with locals,and I havent been to a bad one yet. Its simple grilled chickens with beans, tortillas and salsa. You can get it to go, and eat with Pacifico.. There is super chicken, golden chicken.. i never had a bad meal tho its simple.

      My parents have taken me to one touristy place that was overpriced, but at least tasty. Its called Mama's and is on the west side of the touristy area roughly across the street from the place that has a giant ship coming out of it.