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Oct 11, 2008 04:20 PM

San Jose Del Cabo

Has anyone dined at Tequilas? The setting looks lovely and this place is being recommended by the Esperanza concierge. How about El Azahar?

Here's where I've already been and my thoughts. Mi Cocina is way over rated. The setting is lovely but I injured my back sitting in the very uncomfortable chairs. It was downhill from there ... the service is deplorable and the menu is just crazy - wine prices are outrageous. La Panga food is interesting but just okay and again, the service is disappointing but the setting is charming.

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  1. I find El Chilar quite good but I would bet your standards are pretty high if you can afford to stay at Esperanza. I also like Ban Thai but when living in Mexico it is a delight to find decent Asian food. Depending on where you are from it could be nothing to you. Both San Jose and San Lucas are tourist towns so you will find the high-end restaurants catering to tourists and most high-end restaurants are indeed at the resorts. People rave about the restaurant at Palmilla but as a resident I would never think to go there.

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      Sure, our standards are high just like everyone else but all we really want is great, authentic food and good service. Is El Chilar near the central part of town? Do they have any music? Is everything super spicy or are there alternatives?

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        Yes, close to the center of town - maybe a 10-15 minute walk from the zocalo. A little difficult to find so ask for directions. Whatever you do, make sure you are indeed at El Chilar. I once gave a couple directions and found them at a very mediocre place just down the road!! It - El Chilar - is not in a great location, but very innovative food and not super spicy and a very nice environment with great service. Lots of choices. Their wine list is exceptional for San Jose IMO. No live music - can't remember if there was background music.

        There is another very good restaurant in San Jose - very good - but I can't remember the name, sorry. It is across from El Encanto and is located behind an upscale furniture and accessories store - Paulina's. I had lunch their twice and it was really really good. A friend and I were on an overnight stay waiting for a flight out (we live in Todos Santos) and went back a second day for lunch. I will see if I can find the name from someone and post it.

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          So we're going with El Chilar and I'll give a review upon my return. Thanks for your feedback!

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            Just came back from there - the restaurant is called "Voila." Didn't eat there but had a couple of tasty drinks at happy hour. Great ambience, friendly and attentive staff.

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              Just posted on a similar thread on Cabos dining:

              Hasn't anyone heard about Don Emiliano's in San Jose del Cabo?
              Chef Margarita de Salinas is an incredible chef and was recently awarded a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

              Go to this link and read more on this incredible woman and her cuisine:

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                I did consider Don Emiliano's but read too many mixed reviews to try it. El Chilar and Nick-San (Cabo) ended up being consistently positively reviewed so that's where we went and thoroughly enjoyed both places.