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Oct 11, 2008 04:05 PM

Sky, Sudbury

Got a Phantom Gourmet gift card and none of the 100 plus options is really sticking out as the place to use it. It's $100 so it's a chance to treat ourselves. We live in Metro west and checked out the menu for Sky but know nothing about it. Any advice or recommendations for using the card would be appreciated. Will travel for good food so not restricted to our neighborhood. Here's a link to the other choices. Have a look.

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  1. Mamma Maria in the North End is the best restaurant on that list, and would be a real treat. Sandrine's in Harvard Sq. also gets good reviews here, and is another upscale choice. You'll probably have to dig into your wallet a bit to supplement the gift certificate at these two. If you don't want to go into Boston, your best bet is Bullfinch's in Sudbury. For something casual and unusual, you could try Vinny's at Night in Somerville, which you enter through a convenience store, for quality, home-style Italian-American.

    1. Sky is meh. I wouldn't waste a $100 gift cert eating there. I used to go there for drinks after work but that is about it.

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        Thanks Polly and Kat. Who would think spending $100 would be so difficult! Have been to Vinny's several times and love the eggplant parm. How I wish places like Highland Kitchen, Pasta Market, Salemwood Cafe and Zalek's, all which we've enjoyed because of Chowhound, were on that list.! We could get friends to join us, have a great meal and probably get back some change.

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          Chiara Bistro in Westwood is excellent.......both food and service and very convenient to Metro West which is where I also live. I have recommended it on this board before and got a response about how much the chowhounds enjoyed it. On Sunday through Thursday they have a prix fixe three course menu for $33/$45 with wine pairings. Their regular prices are also quite reasonable. I would highly recommend it.

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            One place we have been and enjoyed is Belle's Bistro in Westford so we're keeping that as a possibility. Will check into Chiara. Sky seems to have mixed reviews here but I appreciate the recommendation.

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              China Sky is excellent. It's high end smaller portions of very well made Chinese Food. I have never had a bad meal there. Sky on the other hand is good but not great. I have eaten at the one in Norwood many times but the last time I went I thought it had suffered in quality. The waitstaff was badly trained and our waiter did not know that Roast Beef and Prime rib were the same thing. I asked him if there was any roast beef on the menu and he said " no not tonight" Five minutes later he comes back to recite the specials and he says" for specials tonight we have a prime rib for two" I looked at my husband with my HUH? eyes and listened to him. We said then we will have the Prime Rib for two. It comes delivered and it looks like a portion for one person . We asked him if it was for two and he said " arent you splitting it" It was a long painful meal and we have yet to return.

        2. Sky: Ick. I posted on my experience there last year. In brief, the food was terrible, the service was terrible.

          1. Using it at Sky would be a crime....Although it might not go very far I'd head to Il Capriccio in Waltham for one of the best Italians in Metro West.

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              Il Capriccio, indeed. Another one on the very short list and someplace we've never been despite reading about it so often on these boards. I think we're getting closer, thanks to all of you.

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                You will love it. Il Capriccio has never let me down. You MUST have the Lemon Mousee with Candied lemon peel on top for dessert. Also get the Mushroom souffle!!