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Oct 11, 2008 03:46 PM

Best BBQ pork buns?

Gansu Girl and I swung by Chinatown today for some goodies to take home - we got some delicious roast pork at vinh sun, my daughter got her candy from the shop next to eldo cake house and we stopped into ho yuen for some baked delights in between.

We came home and immediately pulled out the bbq pork buns from ho yuen and took eager bites. Then we both went kind of eeeewww...lots and lots of the very salty grey goopy filling, not much pork at all. very disappointing.

So - it leaves us wondering - which bakery is most renowned for their char siu bau (bbq pork buns)???

King Carnivore & GansuGirl

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  1. I think the best ones come from the dim sum places. Pricier, but call in advance and they'll be ready for pick up. But definitely worth it. I'm only char siu fan for these ones.