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Oct 11, 2008 03:40 PM

Deerfield Inn, Deerfield, Massachusetts

Have any of you chowhounds eatten at the Deerfield Inn in Deerfield, Ma?
I would love to know how it is, it looks pretty pricey. Thanks from a new member.

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  1. i haven't eaten there for a while, but i'vbe had a couple of dinners there and it was good for what it is - fairly heavy, traditional new england fare. i'm not really a fan of the genre, so i'm probably not the best person to comment on this. there are a couple of places in deerfield i prefer. the first is sienna, which has a very small menu, but they really do a nice job of it. kinda of a nouveau organic whatsis, but really good
    also, as odd as it might sound, chandler's at yankee candle (yeah, i can hear you gasp) actually has some nice variations on the classic new england meal,and the place (lit entirely by candles) has a vibe very different than the store or parking lot or whatever. in that part of franklin county, there's also hope & olive in greenfield, which an outgrowth of the old bottle of bread in shelburne falls.
    and in shelburne falls, there's also the gypsy apple,with michael angelo, the old chef from green street cafe in northampton.
    i am also very partial to the night kitchen, at the bookmill in montague center
    these places are all pretty pricey, but they're good, and if you check out the menus first you can spare yourself any surprises.
    good luck. deerfield also has hillside pizza (great organic style local thin crust, thurs-sat + cash only, also it's right next to el jardin, one of the area's best bakeries -- based in holyoke, mmm...
    )also, many people don'tknow this, but right down the street from hillside is the location of the old woodrose ballroom, where the velvet underground and mc5 played, back in the day. south deerfield has it all!

    1. thanks fatheryod for your extensive suggestions. no one replied to my post right away so I have only just now checked back. thanks again!

      1. We stayed there a while ago.
        The breakfast is elegant and,like you said,pricy.
        Dinner was,like fatheryod said below,typical New Engalnd fare and pricy also for what you get;steak was just steak,ham was just ham.
        They've had some excellent chefs over the years but lately there is nothing special about the place.
        Like I said breakfast is nice there,the coffee wonderful and the service exceptional but for dinner at least I'd try some other place.
        I second Chandler's Tavern at Yankee Candle.
        We usually eat at the bar and the bar menu is very good and less expensive than the dining room.
        The quality of food in both the bar and the dining room is exceptional and they have some great specials now and then.
        I havena't been to Sienna in a long time.
        I hope they have moved.
        The last time I was there they had a storefront operation which I didn't care for at all.
        The food was good but the place was snooty and cold for service;not our style of service.
        As far as pizza goes I think Village Pizza in Greenfield is one of the best suaces I've ever had on a pizza.
        Good eating!