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Oct 11, 2008 02:57 PM

Orlando suggestions?

A friend and I will be staying for a Fri/Sat/Sunday in early November -- our 3rd or 4th visit. Prefer to eat downtown, College Park, or ViMi area. Love a fun atmosphere (not necessarily elegant), and good, creative food. Price doesn't matter, so long as the value is there. Have been to HUE, Fifi's, Citrus, Ravenous Pig, K, Coq au Vin, Funky Monkey Wine Bar (and would gladly return to any of those). Any new suggestions?

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  1. Have you been to Luma's on Park?

    It's in Winter Park ( a bit up from downtown) but if Brandon McGlannery is still there, its the second best restaurant in the US (Per Se is my number one).

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    1. re: foodienyc69

      Just checked out their website, and Brandon McGlannery is still there. The place looks wonderful. Thanks for the great suggestion!

    2. I recently went to Hot Olives in Winter Park for the first time and really enjoyed it. Of course, the olives were great. I had Halibut and my friend had the Spicy Pecan Salad - both were fantastic.

      1. Give Graze a try. It's around the corner from Hue. The atmosphere is definitely fun, especially on a Friday night, and it is also elegant. Jephanie Foster, formerly of Blue Bistro and Midnight Blue, is the new chef, and she's proving all over again that she is one of the area's most talented chefs. And, by the way, check out the wonderful mojitos and caipirinhas.

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          I second the Graze recommendation by Scott.

          Jephanie is a culinary talent and the new Graze menu is wonderful. Be sure to consider the rotating specials, I popped in for lunch last week and was treated to an amazing Mahi special. SO GOOD!

          The service is always spot on, the bar is especially good and the wine list is nice. Every Orlando foodie, or foodie traveling through Orlando, should have Graze on their radar.

          Depending on your time in town, I'd also pop into The Ravenous Pig for a repeat to check out what is (seasonally) rotating through their menu. Luma offers a Prix Fixe on Sun, Mon, Tues evenings which is a creative and tasty deal with or without the wine.


          1. re: winechic

            Excellent suggestions. We've reserved at Graze on Friday and Luma on Sunday. That leaves us Saturday to perhaps do a repeat visit to Coq au Vin or Ravenous Pig (the latter of which can also be a lunch). Thanks all!!!

            1. re: ClevelandRandy

              While I love Luma, the person that posted its the 2nd best restaurant in the US needs to relax. Yes its good, but lets no go as far as even putting it on the Top 50 list.

              Per Se is in my top 10, maybe even top 5. But to put Per Se and Luma in the same sentence is just silly.

              1. re: Corporate_40

                You just did put Per Se and Luma in the same sentence, silly. :)

                1. re: orlwine

                  I've eaten at Per Se and the whole time I was there I kept thinking "I can get food this good and this creative at Victoria & Albert's." True, Vicky & Al's doesn't have a spectacular view of Columbus Circle, but it also costs a lot less. Per Se is enjoying the uniquely New York phenomenon of people competing to see who can spend the most money on a meal. Well, maybe that's changed in the last couple of weeks.

                  1. re: Scott Joseph

                    I don't typically think of Vicky & Al's costing a lot less than ANYTHING, except maybe a new car.

                    I guess my Per Se experience will be limited to looking at their website. Which is nice, but 15 mouse clicks later I am hungry again.

                    PS. I vote for Graze too. Very nice place to hang out, nosh and tipple.

        2. The original comment has been removed