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Oct 11, 2008 01:29 PM

New BBQ Restaurant in Ashburn...Really Good

Just wanted to let you all know Chow Fans, who are in Northern VA, specifically Western Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun...there is a new restaurant that just opened up in Ashburn/Broadlands, Virginia called "Bluz Brothers BBQ and Grill". I checked it out on a whim last night, and let me tell you all...IT'S DAMN GOOD!!! It's not the kind of good that Urban BBQ may be, but Bluz Brothers do some damn good stuff.

Instead of complimentary peanuts like you would get at some restaurants, they serve you HOMEADE potato chips, with an excellent dipping sauce. They have a simple, yet tasty menu of items. BBQ Salmon, Shrimp, Ribs, Brisket, Sausage, and burgers, which is what I had. They had a burger on the menu that I couldn't believe. The "BLUZ ULTIMATE ALL IN BURGER" eight ounce burger, with onion straws, cheddar cheese, and get this...pulled pork. YES...all on the burger, with bbq sauce. It was really, really, really good.

Check this place out!!!! Since they have no website, here is the address if anybody wants to roll over there (I don't work for the restaurant...just a very happy customer). Ten minutes from Dulles Airport.

Bluz Brothers BBQ and Grill
43150 Broadlands Center Plaza, Suite 194
Broadlands, Virginia
(703) 858-9499

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  1. marc, thanks for the report. how did fellow diners seem to be responding to the Q? is it authentic wood pit Q? what kind of ribs? what was the style of pulled pork -- east n.c.? kinds of sides? was the bread fresh? do they serve cornbread?

    you may have to be my proxy-eater for a while, as it is a long-ish way from arlington just for a meal.

    ps, any good fresh cider places around there where you're at? any upcoming festivals?

    1. We ate at this restaurant on Saturday. Upon driving up, we were excited by the smell of the smoker outside. Once we sat down, we were served homemade BBQ potato chips with ranch dressing. From there it was all downhill. We both ordered the beef brisket sandwich. It was heavy on the smoke flavor, tough & fatty. The hush puppies tasted as if they had been frozen. The french fries were under cooked. We'll never go back... which is unfortunate because we live across the street!

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      1. re: smf21422

        so sad, to be tempted by the smoky aroma, and know you'll be frustrated that the food doesn't match up with the smoky promise. maybe they'll get over their new-resto problems.... hope so, for your sake.

        1. re: smf21422

          Sorry, folks, but beef is not bbq. Neither is chicken. Only chopped pork shoulder and ribs (and please don't mention baby-back) count. I order you to return and give us a credible report.

          1. re: Steve

            texans be awake, steve is comin' after you.

            steve, my good chow associate, as far as baby backs, i love them, and don't know why i'm not allowed to include them in my bbq assessments. i grew up in sw florida, and i've had Q from family-smokers and pits in atlanta, alabama, and nw florida, and as far as i'm concerned, you can bbq ANY piece of meat. it is the treatment of the meat.

            1. re: alkapal

              May I jump in? I'm going to do so anyway, but I thought it would be nice to ask first. 8<D

              I will agree and disagree with you both. First of all, Steve is using bbq as a noun, while alka is using it as a verb. I agree with alka that you can bbq anything, but that doesn't make the finished product bbq. A hamburger is not bbq.

              As for the noun-using Steve, I think he's being a little too too narrow. Bbq can be pork (carolinas, georgia), beef (texas), ribs (memphis), goat (north florida), mutton (owensboro ky), etc. But, the one thing it cannot be is chicken!!

              It sounds like this place is going for the Willard's "Something for everyone" approach, which Willard's pulls off pretty well.

              1. re: Bob W

                You are prefectly right Bob. Of course,my previous post was somewhat in jest. A good clue was the "I order you" part.

                My point is that babybacks are meant to cook quickly; they don't really benefit from the slow cooking process the same way as the larger ribs. Yes, they can be good, but I don't judge a bbq place by them. The same for chicken.

                Beef is a different matter. I have never tasted beef bbq that was worth anything at all. I've yet to get to Texas, so there is hope yet, but please someone tell me about a beef bbq anywhere closer than Texas that is better then worthless. So I think also that beef is not a good way to judge a bbq place.

                So go ahead and order chicken, babybacks and beef as you like. But hold your judgement for chopped pork shoulder and ribs.

          2. re: smf21422

            We had the beef brisket and had the same issue, it was so heavy on the smoke it almost seemed like it was coated in gasoline, and yes it was very fatty. We have almost the same exact fries were also undercooked but the homemade BBQ chips were good. I thought for a $28 dollar lunch (after tax and tip) that included 2 platters and 2 drinks, I should have gotten a little bit more food. My husband was still hungry and that was after he polished off my sandwich. It was definitely a disappointment.

            1. re: loveashburn

              For about the same price at Willard's in Chantilly, you will most definitely not leave hungry. I've given up trying to finish one of their platters (meat, sides, cornbread) in one sitting. I've also given up on the two-meat combo platters (never mind the three-meat combo). Just too much food. (I know I'm getting old when I use a term like too much food.)