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Oct 11, 2008 12:43 PM

walter foods in williamsburg?

anyone been yet? any opinions?

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  1. I went last Saturday for dinner with 2 girlfriends. 8-ish-the place was packed. 15 minute wait for a table that turned into 5. The place is really done up nice. Reminds me of Dressler sans ironwork. Nice lighting, a tad loud and lots of male patrons- which was sort of odd? They didn't have oysters yet so we went straight to entrees. My 'Butcher Steak' was straight forward and prepared med-rare as specified which was juicy and tender and of good quality. Fries were unmemorable. My friend had the burger and she loved it- it looked perfect. Third entree at the table was a squash risotto- which sounded blah to me, but I sampled it and it was really flavorful and tasty and had me wishing I ordered that instead of my simple butcher steak. We weren't supper adventurous and didn't order a lot, but the sampling I had was enough to make me want to go back. Kitchen really seemed to be on top of things and our food came out all at once and timely.

    We did have an issue with our waiter- who was maybe having a bad night . There was a wine mix up- not a big deal but his fault and he was very snotty. He then avoided our table for the remainder of our dinner when possible and when I asked him to explain the short rib burger to me he was really condescending. An owner (Danny) near by noticed us having issues and came over to ask us how everything was toward the end of the meal. We told him it wasn't a huge deal, but he seemed very interested in our experience which gives me hope for the place. He offered to buy us drinks at the bar (which we declined) and was genuinely a nice guy and seemed like a caring business owner. He saved the night- service wise.

    Overall, I liked it. It has that Dressler- 'night out vibe' but not quite as $. I will definitely go back with my husband- he will love that burger and I can't wait to try the oysters and the lobster salad. If you go- please report back. Interested to hear your opinion.

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      thanks so much for the detailed post. considering the place for a b-day dinner, and that's very helpful.

    2. I went there last night with my boyfriend and two friends. It was very good food. Well prepared, nicely seasoned and very fresh.

      We ordered the following:
      Raw Bar: (overall you get your usual oysters, but tthey have a special oyster every night to change it up. They also had king crab, chilled lobster, little neck clams, stone crab claws. All looked very fresh)
      6 Blue points -fresh
      6 Malpeques- fresh
      6 Special of the Day (sorry, cant remember name)- fresh

      1.5 lbs steamed Lobster stuffed with crab - Very good
      Surf n Turf (steak and 1/2 lobster)- Very good
      Steak sandwich- Very good
      Hamburger -Very good

      Overall we were happy with the place, the decor was nice, not as cool as Dresslers, or Marlow n Sons and Diner, but simple and inoffensive like most restaurant decor. Oh yes, before I forget, the table next to me ordered fried chicken and it looked AMAZING!!!! Just when I had given up on of ever biting down to delicious fried chicken in the burg, this place opened up a place in my heart called hope!

      I pour an oz on the ground for the dead kitchens no more serving good fried chicken in the burg:
      Pies n Thighs
      Union Picnic
      and I spit at you Palace Fried Chicken

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        Head to Egg (N. 5th btw Berry/Bedford) for lunch (after noon) and order their fried chicken. I believe their lunch/dinner cook is ex-PnT. You will be happy.

      2. Went tonight and had a fantastic dinner. Great to see some higher end dining in the Burg. Had oysters, clam chowder, wing lollipops, scallops, fried chicken and french dip sandwich between our table. Everything was fantastic. Definitely worth a trip. There are very few restaurants in this hood that can compare.

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          maybe it was an off night, but i thought the fried chicken i had here was not that great... very dark (the result of overused oil?) and very oily! and i wasn't impressed with their smashed potatoes either. the whole time i was eating it i was thinking about the fried chicken i'd had a few weeks before at the redhead -- perfectly fried, with awesome accompaniments!