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Oct 11, 2008 12:04 PM

OK, I have 2 lbs of ricotta... now what?

I needed a small amount of whole milk ricotta the other day, and found that the big 2-lb container was on sale for less than the small one. Can't pass up a bargain these days. But now I have almost 2 lbs of the stuff. With no working oven. What can I make with it without baking?

Of course my first reaction was to make stuffed shells. Baked ziti. Lasagne. But wait ... no oven. I'm out of ideas!!!


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  1. Not much i can think of without an oven, other than mixing it into different pasta dishes that u would make on the stove......

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      I'm actually having some right now. Cooked spaghettini noodles over a heaping tablespoon of ricotta, topped with some grated mozzarella and parmiagiana. Stuck in the microwave for 90 seconds just to warm the pasta and get the cheeses almost melting. Pretty good, but it's the third time in 4 days I've had this for lunch! I miss my oven.

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          Sad story of a stove that died. I have a nice electric stove, complete with oven, but need a new 220 outlet to plug it into. Eventually an electrician will get to my house and I'll have a real kitchen again!

    2. I use ricotta often. I eat it for breakfast on toast, with jam or dulce de leche. I put it into scrambled eggs. I make a vegetable frittata and top with dollops of ricotta. (Harder but not impossible without an oven) Or eat for dessert, with honey or topped with walnuts.

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        I usually eat it for breakfast with grapefruit or canteloupe. Sometimes I add a sprinkle of granola.

      2. ricotta is good with fruits. try it stuffed into strawberries!

        ricotta is good in meatballs and gnocchi, if you're interested in making either of those from scratch, which i realize is a bit of an endeavor.

        it's also good in breakfast foods like pancakes

        this is an intriguing use for ricotta that i found:

        1. You could mix ricotta into spaghetti sauce and heat up on the stovetop.

          1. How about making cannoli? Mix the filling yourself and buy the shells separately.